Frankfurt-Florence, Italy Day 5

I left the morning of the 5th day with this handsome chap in the photo below. He lives in Florence so he was going to give me a lift there. He also offered to take 2 other guys in his car so it was pretty cramped up and thank God all our luggage fit into his Saab.

Dunno what happened both of us ended up with bunny teeth!! Bleah!

The ride out of Frankfurt was pretty smooth despite the so-called morning traffic. The ride in Germany was really boring, with not much to see on both sides of the road, so boring till I fell asleep. I didn’t realise it until I snorted and it was loud enough to wake me up and my driver to notice!!! He looked into the mirror to check on me and I pretended like nothing happened! hahahahahaha…so embarrassing!!

We stopped after 3 hours for a break & pee stop and to my shock, we had to pay 50 cents Euro to use the toilet! Shiats! Bought this apple juice….was frizzy of course….what else?

Crossover to Switzerland was easy peasy, no need to chop passport oso. After crossing over, it’s tunnel after tunnel..and I noticed the driver was driving very slow (100 km/h is considered slow in his standard!!) as they r really strict there with speed cameras everywhere!

Lunch stop was at Marche. I can’t believe they allow customers to bring in their pets into the restaurant. Talk about hygiene…bleah! Good thing was, we didn’t have to pay to use the toilet here! Phew..

The scenery became really beautiful as we draw nearer to the Italian border, with lakes and mountains along the road and of course tunnels…tunnels…tunnels…

Once we entered Italy, our driver sped up and we were almost flying!! (as you can witness thru the pic of the speedometer!) hahaha..

Upon reaching Florence it was pouring cats & dogs so I couldn’t go out…stuck in the hotel, I had cupnoodles with my dried chicken meat (yes Amah lugged that along) and did some planning for my shopping the next day. Good thing the bus station was just 1 minute walk from the hotel! Cool!

The following was what I fell in love when I saw it on the display at the Florence store. However they didn’t have a new one in stock so I bought this in Rome. Too bad for the sales guy at the Florence store cos he was really very patient and nice to me while I made him bring me all sorts of designs to choose from and at the end I didn’t buy off him.


17 responses to “Frankfurt-Florence, Italy Day 5

  1. 1st WAHHHH…200km/hr???? really flying!

    2nd WAHHH….so red! so delicious!!

    hahahaha,,,,it was quite fun! tomorrow i bring n show u ya??

  2. wah.. another LV, so nice.

    i’m a mad fan..

  3. Epi leather wor……..woooooo! How many times i have to kidnap you lar? Haiz..

    hahahaha…one day if i tayang all my bags k…. 😉

  4. Wuahhhh… 200kph o.O”
    And LV…. *drools*

    oopss…*wiping ur drools*..hahahaha

  5. i want the white epi koala wallet!! 🙂

    go go go…go get it!!!!!

  6. i want the BAGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
    hey..all yr old bag..dun use liao right…sell to me la…

    solly me keep all my bags… 😀

  7. hahahahha, the snore part are so funny.
    WOW! Another LV!! tsk tsk tsk

    so embarrassing ok..kakakakaka

  8. 210 km p/h? OMG!

    The forbidden red apple looks sooooo delicious!

    the forbidden apple I pun plucked and ate it lor…die lor…

  9. um amah, doesn’t that bag look like ur previous one in monogram canvas??

    oh wow! u r very observant! yes it’s the similar design but that monogram one is bigger, much bigger..

  10. You and your LV!!!
    LV mad lah you!

    yeah i’m mad! hahahaha

  11. I’m loving the bag! Sounds like a pretty interesting trip, too!

    it’s an obsession…no cure..

  12. wah!!! Past 210kph and you were calm enough to take a shot???
    Where’s a picture of you with that delicious looking LV? It’s delicious cos it doesn’t have all the LOGOs disturbing the design.

    well the thing with European cars, even at that speed, we didnt really feel the speed…the roads were really smooth too!

  13. looked so pretty in that lovely white and black dress 😀 nice LV too …. i like!!!!

    thank u than u..*blush*

  14. wow…amah, you’re really a shopping queen…bottega, gucci,lv…walau…envy envy!

    now dun shop wait till when leh…later so old & chao pei no point leow lerrr..hahahhaa

  15. wah…1 more LV to the collection keke…u like swiss? I like, vy nice 🙂

    didn’t have the opportunity to get down to sightseeing in switzerland…just enjoyed the scenery as we drove past lor..

  16. Hi. u have such a good and usefull web . I will be glad if u share ur link with me .
    I am waiting for u in my web

  17. wah.. can chan with your little black dress liao.

    Btw, do you have a handbag wardrobe at home ah?

    yeah..hahaha i have a compartment for the bags..but as of now..overflowed leow…so got to tumpang other places in my wardrobe!

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