It’s kinda old town and the buildings are very close to one another and the roads or rather alleys are soooo narrowwww…Had quite a pathetic breakfast (included in the room rate) and set off to take some photos since I still have time to kill before the scheduled bus to the factory outlet The Mall. First stop was the Duomo. Really not as impressive I thought it would have been.

Then I saw this…so familiar geh….

Then it was time to go back to the bus station and in 45 minutes time I arrived here together with a bus load of Asians….

Bought most of my stuff here (except the LV la..), tshirts and clothes for the kids from Armani Jeans, and a tshirt from Burberry plus a Euro 30 flowery shirt for daddy! (Eh from Burberry wor…quite cheap kan?) This place was located in some God forsaken ulu yam place among some houses and mini hills & lakes..quite good views from the bus. I didn’t manage to go to Prada which was further away from this place. Rats! I thought I could catch the direct bus back to Florence but somehow nobody could help direct me to the right bus stop! Finally I just followed a pair of Korean couple and then many others followed and I guessed it was the right bus stop. However, this bus stops at the smaller towns before reaching Florence so it took over an hour!

Was bored so I sms-ed LB, just to let him know that I am surviving so far! Once I reached Florence, I dropped all my shopping in the hotel and off I went exploring the town. Was walking around and then I had to pee and I couldn’t find one freaking public toilet! WTF! There are lots of cafes and bars around but tak-kan I just walk in and ask if I could use the loo meh. I couldn’t even find a McDonalds around…then I saw a department store and I rushed in but to my dismay the toilet is only available in the top floor which was 4 stories above!! Darn..by then my bladder was about to burst and there was of course a “berarrdy” queue la! I must say the toilet was pretty dirty but I have no “berarrdy” choice rite??? Blek..

After the toilet break I went to Miu Miu and drooled all over the bags and shoes. They were not on sale yet (the sale started only the week after I left la!) Then I found the store….LV of course…it was close to closing time but what the heck, went in of course. It was of course still very crowded with mainly Asians, abuden??

After that it was getting late and I started walking back to the hotel. LB sms-ed me to tell me give shopping a break and get myself a gelati instead, which I did! It was too sweet for me…but refreshing nevertheless. Stopped over at a cyber cafe and replied some emails. Surprising the cost was quite reasonable for 1 hour of internet usage.

The day ended with another cup noodle plus my dried chicken meat again…yes Amah spends $$ on designer goods but can’t pay for a descent dinner…no lar..I hate eating alone, more so in a foreign land…mai eat myself in the room lor….


17 responses to “Florence

  1. Waaaa…you so hardworking leh!! Cannot imagine that you actually took public bus to go to the factory outlet. Soooo blardy khann-lik or should I say sooooo blardy shopaholic??

    Wei…you look like you shopped and holidayed more than working geh???

    ya lor…mun lei sei mei rite??? kakakakakaka eh for all the stress i’ve been thru, i must berrarrdy well reward myself wat! em hai me yea ah??

  2. rajin betul.. only when shopping then can see u walk so much lar i think. lol!

    ehon…u r so lek chai lor…shopping is amah mia exercise lor…

  3. Hi!
    Just love that city and i visit it almost every year when i am on my vacation in croatia , i think it is one of the most popular travel cities in Italy.


    really? I found the city mediocre…so so..not too impressive really..

  4. Wah lauuu…you really can shop horrr… ๐Ÿ™‚

    laundryamah part time only geh…shopping only full time..eh eh..no no should be the other way round..em hai meh??

  5. Wow! You are really having a blast yea!

    I hate eating alone too and most likely will spend more in shopping than eating ๐Ÿ˜›
    It’s just being a shopaholic…hehehe

    eating i can come back to eat la..rite?? no?? hahahhaa

  6. Wah :S All branded stuff in Europe saja ka… I think see your CC statement end of month sure pengsan…

    yeah i just cleared my cc payments…memang pusing pusing…

  7. good la. can travel for work, holiday and shopping.
    for me…have to day dream only
    hope u had a fantastic time :p

    well there’s always a price to pay for what we enjoy…really for the stress level in this job, i should think i deserve more! muahahahahaha…

  8. good……

  9. i can imagine u trying to cari that silly tandas haha..

    the pic u took of the building, really looks old :), classic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ya man…so siong waiting for the loo!

    all the bldgs were really old, with your skill & camera sure the photos turn out chun chun one…

  10. Luckily u didn’t “leak” ;p What an emergency situation… Shop, shop , shop until forget to go loo, ah?

    shhhhhhhhh…*whisper* i did leak la…bluekkk

  11. one thing i hate about Europe is there isn’t ample toilets and have to pay so much for a pee! bleh~

    ya lor..so sickening rite?? Shouldn’t they at least accomodate the tourists?? We pay so much Euros to come to their country n they don’t bother about us!!! bluekkkkkkk

  12. maybe we should wear ‘diapers’ when we go shopping in Europe hor? hahahahaha

    but hor…so bulky not nice wor..bluekkk..hahaha

  13. aiya…why no photos of the clothes geh??? would love to see apah’s flowery top ๐Ÿ˜‰ eh…your burberry top…was it the one you wore that day??? veli nice lor ๐Ÿ˜‰

    eating the cup noodles in the hotel while staring at the stuff you bought beats eating alone in a restaurant eh?

    aiya lazy leow…the clothes pun washed leow & hung up..so mar fann to take photos la…hahaha oh ya u very observant…i think it was the tshirt that i wore!

    hahaha…actually eating out would be fun if there’s someone to eat with me…

  14. come back lor.. fan lui lor..
    perfected my ‘loe lup’/kidnap scheme oredi. need the victim to faster come back to excecute it onli.. Co-operate abit ok..

    huh? i long time came back leow lor…

  15. Ahmah han sek mm han hor pao (real hor pao as in wallet, handbag, iPod holder, passport holder)….

    kakakakakakaa…kena tangkap-ded by zaramama tim..

  16. oo? yes ah *put parang in guni bag* dont autar me ah.. :p

  17. Wah, everytime you travel abroad got LV. You must have huge collection liao. *TABIK*

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