Wits end….

I again lost it in Kieran’s school yesterday. Apah was away so I had to pick him up from school. It’s so tough for me as I had to make sure I shut the office on time and then drive all the way to his school which is quite a distance. I had to drive like a maniac to beat the jam to avoid being late. (I was late one time as I totally forgot about having to pick him up and I had to get Apah’s uncle to help get him first).

The first time I created a drama was when I arrived he was nowhere to be seen. It was almost 7 or could have passed 7 and he was not waiting where he should be waiting. You know it’s so hard to spot him as the mass of kids in uniform and in that particular height makes it so difficult. I was already cooked up filled with pressure from the days’ work and not seeing him only made it worse. When we finally found him, I spanked him and screamed at him right there in front of everyone.

Then yesterday I was super early waiting in line at the school and the maid went down to get him. Slowly all the cars were dispersing and still no sign of them. I slowly drove nearer and nearer the gate and still no sign of them. After a while I lost my patience and went down. I saw them but they had that blur look.


Maid-Cannot find bag…


K-(stared blankly at me with wide wide round round eyes…)

Me-I DON’T CARE LA, I REALLY CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE, I’M GOING OFF WITHOUT YOU! LET’S GO (I gestured to the maid to go and left Kieran standing there.)

The maid being the log she is, of course just followed me and had no compassion for the kid whatsoever and Kieran didn’t even panic or cried or tried to follow me and beg me for forgiveness. That’s why I know this gangster kid is a really tough kid.

I entered the car & immediately called Kieran’s tuition teacher to tell her that I want to stop his tuition since he doesn’t seem to learn anything and she was not cheap either. Then I had to let go steam so I called Apah of course! Good thing he was not in a foreign country, just different state. I just shouted n shouted and I guess I felt much better as I did pass some stress over to him even though there was nothing much he could do.

Then I asked that log of wood maid to go down and continue the search for his bag. I can’t really dump the kid there alone right??? After a while they finally found the bag, someone could have mistakenly taken it and then realised and left it in the guard house.

I continued scolding him in the car, nagging about how fortunate he is to have the chance to go to school bla bla bla…but I guess it just goes in one ear and comes out the other ear….as I have gone through this speech like a million times and always told him to look at the maid saying that she didn’t have the chance to study and had to come work as a maid. So with a living example right next to him also cannot motivate him I really don’t know what to do la…you teach me la…how????


21 responses to “Wits end….

  1. Wah! Amah, i can feel ur anger!! Cool down cool down, don so stress.

    I can understand ur stress, stress at work, then kids…

    Hope u’re feeling ok now?

    feeling ok now..just that at that point of time “eye fire burst” only ma!

  2. *dunno what to say*


  3. Hope you’re feeling better now, at least Apah lets you let off steam… and Kieren, perhaps he’s a bit trying for you after a long hard day at work, but then which kids doesn’t like to play 😛 Take it easy..

    i know…i realised i over-reacted but at that point of time my fuse just blew!

  4. *brings fan*

    Chill, chill!

    i need ice! hahhahaa

  5. *plug in mike and sing* Don’t worry, be happy.. oooooooo…ooo ooo
    My onli talent is singing (ahem ahem), so I sing make u feel better. U can request song also.. hakka, hokkien, thai.. hamparang chiong thak!

    thanks thanks…feel so much better leow after your singing!

  6. sigh…your poor thing. i can feel your anger and frustration. take a deep breath and breathe in and breathe out. don’t be so stressful ok? “hoh fai loh ah” 😉


    i know….kinda regretted la…but toooo late leow..

  7. i understand how u feel. me with a temper too will tend to blow out if i were in ur situation. but i always remind myself (after the blowout) that boys will be boys and u dont scold him in front of everybody la.. scold in the car la.. boys are always careless and playful.
    did u ask him what happened? maybe if u dont shout and speak to him nicely, he will listen? it works for my boy. Ian can be very playful too as per MA and school teachers. so i think ur boy oso the same, but he is only a child. i hv oso scolded and screamed b4 at home, but come to think of it, only 7 yrs old ma right? give him time to adjust the primary school perhaps.

    sorry if i sound too nozy ah…

    just my 2 cts

    thanks for sharing..i know it was not right to scream at him in public…my mom used to do that to me and it was the pits…will try to control myself…*fingers crossed*

  8. wei, dont so mang chang lah, got a few more wrinkles already.
    Sabar sabar…..

    apa apa terrer cream oso no use hor…

  9. have a break, have a kit-kat

    forget about it..enjoy the weekend ya..
    go shopping la..a lot of sales now. sure yr tension will godown 😛

    did do some shopping…hahaha..

  10. Chill. I guess yesterday’s reunion has helped you de-stressed.

    I know how sometimes the boy’s “cool/calmness” can really get on our nerves especially when we have no time to play play. My older boy is like that too.

    yeah it did..hahhahaa…

  11. whoa…amah..I could be you 😛 scary when you think back about it right?

    i know…totally regretted it…don’t be like me!!!

  12. First thing that comes to mind is…POOR APAH leh. Out of the blue, get your call and you screaming into his ear!!! I can imagine you going “YOUR SON…BLAH BLAH BLAH. ..YOUR SON….THIS AND THAT”.

    Kids lah…he is only 8. Yes…older and should be more responsible blah blah blah…but he IS still a kid of 8. Can be quite boring to be standing BESIDE his school bag for a loooooong time DAY IN DAY OUT. …especially when mommy is late. 😛

    All of us have THE time of the year where our kids JUST REFUSED to be the way we want them to be. What to do? Just grind our teeth and bear with it lor…

    See you soon…I’m flying back on Wednesday morning.

    ya la ya la…but hor…u oso scream wat…😛

  13. dear amah…. can sense d boiling blood in u!!
    but after awhile when u have cooled down, i’m sure u will smile reading this post again….

    having boys & “owning” a hot temper (like me too)…i bet yr encounters are pretty normal !!
    since kids will be ‘mould’ by us, why not we try to change ourselves before trying on him…i had come to realise this only recently, that’s why i bought a book entitled : “How to talk to kids so that they listen & How to listen to kids so that they talk ”
    it’s easy to read but might not be easy to put them into action….sigh !!
    Hopefully, i get to benefit from it….
    good luck to u too……

    i know…easier said than done all the time…sigh..

  14. Amah, hope you’re feeling better now. It’s just the parts and parcels of bringing up a kid! They always give us surprises when we least expect it!

    Btw, your reunion pics were greatttt!!! Very natural shots you have there.


  15. i can emphatise… my boy is Kieran’s age too.
    sometimes he really drives me up the wall. i am also trying very hard to keep my cool especially when supervising him doing his home work but i always lose it… *sigh*…
    hey, you are not alone! *hugs*

    i haven’t really started to talk about his homework bit….can die ah……..

  16. wah don’t so stress..i understand how it must be like when u wanna rush all the way and so many things to do and that incident happen..boys are boys..always liddat one

  17. i dunno why…but they ALWAYS give that BLUR look when we’re shouting at them! haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. i see myself in you! hahaha… die die die! next time i hope i can control myself & not freak depan public. seilor, jus today mrng jer my dotter tak nak drink milk i oredi ki-tang!

    sigh… how lah! howww!

  19. Hahaha!!! Dont worry……many moms also liddat…..including me, hehehe….

  20. I read this post with interest. I read a few posts of you about your son before. Here is what I think..

    It’s easy to blame the boy for “being a boy”, or “being naughty”. I think sometimes, it may be more than that. He may have ADHD (read here for context: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/learning/adhd.html). The best thing is to get him diagnosed early so something can be done. Shouting and being angry at him brings stress to both you and him! I totally understand how you are feeling…

  21. I understand.. sometimes we just ‘for je ngan’ (fire blinding the eyes). I’m the same too then later only feel sorry for how I acted. Come to think of it, I rmb I also almost lost my school bag a few times in school. Kekekeke….

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