About the kids…

Ok taking a break from my Europe trip and have some updates on the kids.

Took Kieran for a haircut last Saturday morning. Was in a rush so packed the kids in the car while they were still in pyjamas. We stopped for breakfast at our favourite roti canai restaurant and had roti planta. The kids were fighting as I ordered only 1 for them to share. I know Kylie will not be able to finish one, so mai share la..ok la..I gave some of mine to them also la…

Upon seeing the kor kor having the hair cut, our little girl also wanted one! But she just had her’s trimmed a few days back when my mom brought her to the salon. Kor kor was performing for a mini in-house concert in his music school (for like the mini-est part) but still he must look good ma…hahaha

That’s him in his new hairstyle and practising his recorder last minute…

Look at that cheeky face of hers…my hairdresser was of course pretending to cut la…

another random cheeky face pose…

Petting the rabbit at Bukit Tinggi one week ago…took her quite a while to gather enough courage to do that..


14 responses to “About the kids…

  1. Kylie looks different alreadi, she looks very girlish now and very pretty too juz like the mummy 😀

    looks can be deceiving…she’s really rough like a boy!

  2. Kor-kor looks very “yau yeng” with his new hairstyle. Kylie looks so absorbed in getting her “make believe” haircut. Priceless!

    hahaha..i’ve got more photos but can’t load all la..will try to load in facebook

  3. The photos looks great….Kylie very cheeky with the tongue out…hehe

    yea she’s really cheeky, making all sorts of faces for my camera!

  4. They looked all so grown up liao!

    i know…they grow up really fast!

  5. Your girl so big liaooo….she is such a cheeky girl!!

    yea she’s full of expressions..must be from the tv la..

  6. Haha, very spontaneous last pic 😀

    it’s really difficult to take photos of the kids..they move too much!

  7. The pic of Kylie getting a fake fringe cut is so cute!

    thank u!

  8. ah so cheeky of her..hey my girl has the same tumbler as kylie too

    yea..hahaha..are u a Tupperware fansi too???

  9. Got introduce Kylie to rabbit satay anot later that day? I think she’ll love it more. LOL

    yerrrr this unker cocka really teruk lor…so saddist-kan lor!

  10. hmm…your kids seem to enjoy their haircut. wat’s your trick ah? my two boys will scream and wail everytime i bring them for a hair cut :((

    i guess they r not comfortable with the hairdresser..

  11. kylie look so big girl edi now.

    looks can be deceiving..she’s still very babyish!

  12. Her haircut look, so cutie!~

    should be naughty & cheeky look ler..hahahaha

  13. She is so cute on that hair cut pic!

    Oh yeah, I blogged about our trip to your office but forgot to link to you…


    oh thanks for letting me know cos i’ve not been blog hopping…been bz lerrr..

  14. oh kieran is so handsome lah. your lil princess looks so cheeky ….hhehehehee

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