FLorence-Rome : Final account & really long post…

I booked the ticket to Rome the morning before. It was very convenient as I bought the ticket of the tour agent next to my hotel. The train station was just a stone throw away from the hotel but I had to lug up my luggage up the stairs as the place where we can pull up the luggage was on the other side of the station. Since Amah need to burn some calories, I carried the luggage up la..

Took my ticket to ask the lady at the information counter and she told me they do not know which platform yet and told me to wait a while. While waiting, I could hear the announcement overhead announcing so & so train which was supposed to be departing from Platform bla bla is now changed to Platform bla bla…and this kinda repeated over a million times! Warao! Imagine those people pushing their luggage from one platform to another!! So I sat there waiting till like 15 minutes before time of departure before making a move to the designated platform! I thought our system here was bad….but how come they can make such wonderful shoes, bags & clothes, and of course the steam irons that I sell la…

When the time came for me to board, I saw that the train was higher than the platform, what a stupid design lor…ayoo…people travelling inter-city sure ada luggage one ma….nvm..amah very strong geh..no sweat..so excited I didn’t realise the seats are numbered and I didn’t check before I boarded! Ended up dragging the luggage over like 6 – 7 carriages!!! So silly crab rite???

Train ride was about 1 hour plus..can’t remember..almost 2 hours la..and wala..I was in Rome. Me being the heroin, forgot to print out the map of the hotel I booked and was looking high & low for someone to help. Again, the system is not so friendly, but I managed to find someone who actually recognised the street and told me to walk towards a certain direction to exit to the hotel. But without actual & more proper guidance tak-kan I drag my luggage around looking for the hotel rite?? It’s no Hilton la, some crummy little B & B, I can’t expect people on the street to tell me where it is rite?? Good thing I found a tourist info centre and they had maps and the guy actually helped direct me to the hotel. It was walking distance, thank GOD!

Quickly checked in and took off for some sightseeing cos I will be leaving the next day! Look at my miserable EURO70 room! It’s so small and has some funny weird smell oso! Bleah!

Went up the see-Rome-in-one day city bus as I have limited time and I must see the Colosseum and of course the Trivi Fountain. I got to go there and feel the scenes shown in the TVB serial a few years back..neh that Truimph in the Skies serial with all the damn yau yeng (handsome) pilots! wakakakakakaa…

Above is the tour guide in the bus and she was rambling on in various languages, including English but I could hardly capture anything she said! I only wanted to go down in 3 places so I snapped photos from the bus! I sat next to this Iranian guy and his friends got all excited and one of them (the only one who spoke English) started chatting me up.

The first stop was this really grand looking place called Piazza Venezia which I just took pics from the bus. The next stop was Colloseum and I went down. Then those Iranian gang also followed and the guy asked me if I would join them since I was alone. I didn’t see why not, walking in public place (really public cos there were sooooo many tourists everywhere) ok ma..

I thought those “soldiers” were meant to entertain tourists by taking pictures with them but we have to pay for it and it was £%”^*£ EURO 3!!!!

The next stop was Circo Massim & Monte Savello which I didn’t get down as my next target stop was Via Della Conciliazione where the Vatican City was. The Iranian guys were serious about including me and they really followed me to this stop! We stopped for a meal first and it was really horrible and pricy meal, but they were packed thanks to tourists like us la!

There was a long queue walking in the cathedral so I was too lazy and didn’t want to go in. Instead I went for a gelati! Yes that Iranian guy was still sticking around eventhough his friends went in the cathedral. I thought it would be a good time to ditch them so I told him I had to go and there was a bus waiting and it was an open top bus! Unfortunately the bus didn’t take off after a while and the rest of the Iranian gang came and hopped on!! Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhh….

This is the mah latt loe Iranian guy la…so annoying….

Trevi Fountain was not very the bus stop and we had to walk about 5 minutes, thanks to the road map I had I found it. That place was so crowded I nearly couldn’t get a spot to take a descent picture! I didn’t throw a coin to make a wish la..

Cool leh this guy? There are a lot of people riding motorbikes there. I wonder how they can do it during winter…brrrrrr…

Traffic was quite bad along the way and I was really running out of time. After Trevi Fountain I really had to rush to Via Condotti where my favourite store was to buy my fave bag la…The Iranian gang’s hotel was located near there and they wanted to go back so I thought I can bid them farewell but they insisted I get on their taxi. Ok by now you guys must be thinking this Amah so daring… I too cannot fathom why I did that..but thank God I was ok!!!

My final purchase at Rome airport…

My butterfly Prada sunglasses..


15 responses to “FLorence-Rome : Final account & really long post…

  1. wei, looks like you haven’t finished the Iranian guy story wor… 😉

    The hotels there are really miserable hor…pay so much (in RM lah), but condition quite bad.

  2. Wahhh… Sek Fong in Rome ah? So siok…

  3. Let me guess…how many pics did the Iranian guy take of u? He’s really hot at your heels…Amah, very “keng”…still got admirers leh…”ho liao”

  4. u make me wanna go Italy very soon! love the sunglasses.

  5. muhaaahahhaa…the Iranian guy didnt follow you back to KL? i thot very leng chai one but when i saw the photo….i cannot help laffing lor.

    eh…i love the prada sunnies!!!! cool!!!!!!!!

  6. so nice, go kai kai…
    u oso make me wanna go Italy~~~~

  7. Waaaaa…you really so daring to go up their taxi. 3 guys collectively “kann chor lei” then you know!!

    The iranian guy not leang chai lah..otherwise don’t mind them chatting you up lah hor???

  8. Wah, jalan jalan with them ok la, naik taxi a bit scary woooorrrr….

  9. you were very daring, naik taxi with them somemore.

  10. most important, u enjoyed yrself 🙂

  11. nice pair of sunnies you got there…. And you had a quality 1 day at rome! I hv been there like 10 years ago!

  12. that iranian guy wan to “friend” with u la. hahahha..did he ask your phone number ar? 😛

  13. wah….nice place eh, but that male model charged u Euro 3!!!

  14. hey.. got Iranian guy follow you around that’s why you can appear in photos. Or else.. will be scenary photos only.

    They didn’t ask if can follow you back to Malaysia ah? Kekekek..

  15. New to your blog. Love those Prada shades. Looks like Rome is so fun.

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