Apoh’s Birthday-backdated

It was Apoh’s birthday on 25 July and we had actually planned to go out for steam boat but I thought my sis-in-law was going to inform the birthday girl and she thought I would inform so at the end what happened?? Birthday girl cooked dinner herself! *piak piak* tsk tsk tsk…. “har yee but how..” (we were not filial to her)

However, I had prepared the cupcakes before hand, baked some over the weekend but we ate some so I had to bake again and as usual I had not much time at home as I reach home about 10.30 pm during the weekdays. No choice, I started baking despite it being late and finished just past midnight!

The morning of her birthday, I got the kids to run to her wishing her happy birthday and gave her hugs & kisses. I think that was her best present of all. As usual the kids were more excited they were fighting to blow the candles.

I tried to finish up work early that day to complete my cakes with decoration. It was quite a rush job and the below was what I could manage to come up with.

As I was busy arranging the cakes, Apah was taking pictures and a lot of them were not publishable! Too bad…See the distorted “67” figures…hahaha..shaky fingers la…yes Apoh turned 67..

Hope she wasn’t too disappointed that she had to cook dinner for her birthday! But I am sure she was disappointed that her other son & family didn’t come celebrate with her…don’t know the reason why they didn’t turn up..


22 responses to “Apoh’s Birthday-backdated

  1. that’s really nice of you to bake those cupcakes…happy belated birthday apoh!

    well she’s my mom..that’s the least i can do..

  2. Happy belated birthday, apoh!

    Nice cupcakes… hehe.

    thanks… 🙂

  3. sang yat fai lok, auntie!!!
    juk lei nin nin yao gam yat, sui sui yao gam jiu!

    tor che tor che!

  4. Poor Apoh! Nice cupcakes by the way. Hope she enjoyed them

    she was complaining the cakes look fake and asked if they r edible! thank goodness i saved some without topping!

  5. The cupcakes are gorgeous! Hopefully will have the chance to try some one day. My son can wallup all those with colourful sprinkles. His fav! Happy Belated Bday to Apoh!

    hahaha..sure thing if you guys stop over long enuf when u visit KL!!

  6. So nice of you to bake cupcakes…in the middle of the night…like me…hahahaha. That’s the only time when the kids don’t ka ka cau cau me baking.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Apoh!!! 😀

    ayooo my girl oso likes to ka ka cau cau one..n btw she was still awake when I was baking way past midnight!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Apoh!


  8. oooo…happy belated birthday to Apoh. So nice of you to bake the cuppies for her. They look lovely and delicious!!!

    thanks..errr..a bit too sweet lor the icing..

  9. Hoe leng wor.. Apoh siew toh kin ngar ng kin ngan lor.. 🙂

    hmmm Apoh is one of the most difficult person to please….so she was happy I hope!

  10. happy Belated birthday Apoh!
    Still very young at 67!

  11. Your mum’s only 67, still very young eh 😀

    Just plan for a steamboat anyway la, another day also ok mah…

  12. happy belated bday to ur mom.

  13. wah…nice cupcakes…got talent eh?! and you actually let us know your mum’s age…haha…my mum would karate-chop me 😀

  14. apoh very young only , 67 yrs old. Happy birthday auntie!

  15. Wa…friend…Go home 10.30 pm also bake cake ah? Very good daughter wor…
    Why your big bro didn’t turn up? “Patt” to me all about it tmrw!!

  16. Though Apoh other children didn’t come to celebrate her bday with her, I’m sure Apoh had a great birthday with her precious grandchildren, somemore you took the effort to bake her a cake. Apoh must be very pleased.

  17. ok lar….at least u still got d heart to bake the cakes for ah poh…am sure she felt good! if only she knew it was baked at midnight….ma lagi ‘kam tung’ lor !!!

  18. Happy belated birthday ah-poh! 67? But she still look very young lei.
    Rush work also do so nice already, *imagine* if u’re not rushing, then the cup cakes lagi lagi nice?

  19. Happy Birthday Ah Poh..

    So hao soon your daugther..
    Btw, the cake got low sugar or not? Not good for louyan kar.. 😛

  20. nice cup cakes 🙂

  21. selamat belated hari jadi auntie! 🙂

  22. The cup cakes are nice…full of love ..Hi, this is my first time to visit your blog..

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