Before you think I’m dead…

Yes I’m still alive but it’s been really really crazy! I am stealing time off my work load to write this! I can’t seem to complete my work in the office! The new assistants are still catching on the work flow and I can’t expect miracles to happen!

I survived power packed 2.5 days training at Singapore. It was an eye opener for me & my technician. If I have time later I will blog more about this trip.

Next week I will be travelling I don’t know when I can come back to update this moldy blog of mine.

Hang in there & have a good weekend and school holiday week ahead!!


13 responses to “Before you think I’m dead…

  1. have a great weekend

  2. amah ka yao ka yao!!!

  3. Slow down and take a break when you have the time… non stop traveling and training for the last few months huh??

  4. i bet in the 2.5 days in singapore, u also did shopping too ….

    hope yr office work will settle down soon.

  5. wow…really busy lah you. shop more…retail therapy is the best 😉

  6. Hkk becum the woman behind the successful woman. *turn on vacuum* wooo woooo wooo.. help u get rid of spiderwebs ah.. *open window* kulat won’t grow oredi. U go karyau cari makan la..

  7. when did u go Singapore? I was there earlier this month wor…

  8. Wah.. could feel the rush while reading the post.

    Jia Yue.. and have a great weekend ahead. 😀

  9. I really had a good time reading about your Europe trip. You’re like me – sucker for nice bags. Only difference is that I never bought one! Just slurped over them 🙂

  10. Think I saw your BIL in this period’s (Jul-Sept) promo magazine….promoting some phone lah. I didn’t bother to read though…

  11. been missing your witty posts. But with your office workload, you take it easy for now anyhow !

  12. What did you buy in Spore? Btw, I have an award for you. Do check it out at my blog. Cheers!

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