Backdated posts – Singapore 1

Remember my training in Singapore? It was quite a trip. I took the Aeroline bus down. It was quite a comfortable ride and I was quite pleased with their service. I left in the morning and arrived in Spore by noon! The location of the laundry I was visiting was very close to Tuas so I figured it would be stupid to stop at Vivo City (the original final destinaton of the bus) which was right in town. I asked if I could stop at the Checkpoint and make my own way. They told me there was a public bus that stops there and there were no taxis. I asked if I could just walk out to the main road and look for taxis and they said no. It’s ridiculous but I dare not take chances since it’s Spore, the “fine” city…

I waited for the bus and it came not too long, but the driver said this bus goes only to Woodlands and cannot stop anywhere else! No way! I aint going to Woodlands, no difference from Vivo City! I tried explaining that I just need to go somewhere nearby and just stop where I can take a cab. He told me to hop on and said I could hop off when he stops at the traffic lights about less than 50 metres away. I was like what? Why I can’t I just walk over there??? I could see where he pointed me to stop ok! It’s so close by!! So I asked how much should I pay him and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he doesn’t know either! I didn’t feel like asking for a free ride either so I just dropped SGD2 in the box. I know bloody expensive for a 30-seconds ride but that’s was the smallest change I had.

The moment I walked down the bus I saw a cab waiting nearby!! It was like a miracle. Weyo? That is some God forsaken place ok! It was another 10 minutes to the laundry and the moment I arrived the whole team (various representatives for the chemical brand I represent) were standing in front as if they were welcoming me! No lar…they were just waiting to go out for lunch! Wow! What great timing! Can you imagine Iarrived just a few minutes later and I will be so lost cos nobody in the laundry will know who the “toot” I am ma! Wakakakakakaka…The angels were definitely watching over me! Hallelujah!

The Sporean reps did say how lucky I was as they can’t believe I got a cab from that place. It was amazing. Lunch was at the Yacht Club, beautiful environment but the service sucked big time. I took some time deciding what to order and finally settled for a set lunch thinking it should be fast but guess what???? My food came last! Bluekkkkkkkkkkk…

The training was really good, was really impressed with the laundry as it was family run, all the brothers and sisters working together and the business was really successful. Oh they said they do fight and can be really ugly too but they all had the understanding that no matter what, the business must move on! That should be the spirit. Really admired the founder as he’s still working like one of the workers in the laundry and nobody told us, we will never know he’s the owner!!

It was work work and late dinners so there was not a chance I can sneak anywhere to shop! I stayed at a friend’s place as I was a miser the hotels were too expensive and another good thing was the Sporean associate lived quite nearby and he could give me a lift to the laundry. Double $$ saver!! Yoo hoooo!!! He was such a good host and offered to give me a ride to the bus station the day I left. I had like about one hour to walk around but I was worried for my staff as he was at the laundry and joined me later. I did manage to grab some stuff from the supermarket, my usual grabs from Spore, the Nissin instant noodles & biscuits. Not to worry as I knew I had another trip to Spore the following week! ngek ngek ngek…


3 responses to “Backdated posts – Singapore 1

  1. Yeah… Tuas is practically ‘dead’ during off peak hours.

  2. i must agree with u, the aeroline ride is not bad šŸ˜‰

  3. Seems many of you know the way around SG… me dunno, buta buta follow oni…

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