Backdated – Singapore 2

This is another trip down south as I had to train a new customer in JB. Since it was school holidays I brought along the kids, Apoh and Apoh’s maid. However, I did warn them it’s no 100% holiday as I stopped at Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat and finally JB. I only managed to visit the important customers as time was limited.

It was like the longest drive ever and Kieran kept asking if we arrived in JB at every single stop! While I was talking to the customer he would keep bugging me, “Mom can we go??” This brought back memories to me as I remember we used to tag along with my dad during his business trips all the way down the south, only difference, there were more stops and there wasn’t a North South Expressway! We used to complain a lot in the car too and I remember I used to sing in the car and that tortured everyone and my dad named my songs “lai si kor”..go figure what it means! Bluekkkkkkk…ok ok

We finally arrived at JB in time for dinner. We found a place not too far from the hotel and had a quick dinner and the kids were quite cooperative and ate pretty well. After dinner we checked in the hotel and ahhhh finally a good rest! The hotel room was big and comfortable as there were 3 adults & 3 kids! The kids were running around and then suddenly Kylie came up to Apoh and said this…

K – Apoh..apoh..where I-lie (Kylie) sdtipper (slipper) too (two)?

Apoh – huh?

Me – “laughing like mad”

K – where I-lie (Kylie) sdtipper (slipper) too (two)?

Apoh – what you talking about? (in impatient tone, as usual la..)

Me-Aiya she’s asking where is the other slipper..’

Kylie was holding on to one side of her slippers and she couldn’t find the other which was kicked under the bed.

Training the next day so a good friend who lives in JB came by the hotel and drove Apoh & gang to lunch and they had more swimming at their condo. The kids really had a good time. Training finished at 5 and managed to beat the after hour jam to get back to the hotel and freshen up before I join the gang for dinner. It was good catch up time and the kids were really cute. They had a fight towards the end and Kieran was a brat, kept calling Sweepea names! But Sweepea was really gracious and forgave Kieran in the end. How sweet.

Saturday we drove down to Singapore. The crawl started at the Woodlands checkpoint. Thought I could send Apoh to get the Autopass done but she was sent back by the cops! Cannot simply walk around lor..hahahha As usual the guy processing the Pass was rude and arrogant. I didn’t check the receipt details and didn’t realise that he actually entered my car registration worngly! He called me the next day only and I was already back in JB! Result, the autopass is useless and I have to endure the queue and application process again! I am angry not because of the cost of getting another pass, angry is because he was arrogant was talking with air and didn’t concentrate in his job and got it wrong.

It was bad weather all the way. We were still unsure where to go first land had to look to the sky to decide. After we crossed the border, the rain subsided and we decided to to Jurong Bird Park. The moment we arrived, it started to rain again! Ayoooooo…since we were there, no choice, bought the tickets with the monorail rides. We went up the monorail. Good thing after one round of monorail, the rain stopped.

After Jurong Bird Park, we drove towards town as I wanted to visit Vivo City. I missed the turning and ended up in Marine Parade! So I turned to look for a 7-11 to top up my AutoPass. After that I called my friend and he gave me directions to go to Vivo City. We found the place and parking was good, right in front of the elevator.

First stop was Marks & Spenser, bought a few tops cos they were really cheap, SGD18 – SGD22 per piece! Next was Mothercare. They have different stuff there, much more variety than here of course. Next was Daiso, the SGD2 shop. I went in for so long, Apoh had to come in to fish me out as it was close to dinner time. The queue to pay was like super long also! Check out my raid!

Sunday was the only day I could watch the kids swim. After breakfast, we went to the pool. It was quiet until this family with 5 kids came along…Kylie didn’t like the crowd and refused to play in the water. She just stood there in the pool! So unsociable, tsk tsk tsk…

I noticed Kieran improved a lot in his swimming. I was so proud of him and was snapping photos of him swimming.

After the swim, I went up to take a nap as we were leaving later. Need to get some sleep to recharge. It was a good drive back.


11 responses to “Backdated – Singapore 2

  1. Whee… welcome back! 🙂

  2. Welcome back amah!
    Wow! U also into bento-ing!!

  3. Kieren looks like a pro man..

    and Kylie needs someone who can understand her.. (Normally the mum is the one who understand their language most).

  4. wei…are those bento stuff i see?? *rub rub eyes* 😀

  5. Kylie is sooooo adorable – “slipper two”…LOL! We had such a good laugh when ur mom was relating it to me. Kieran is really good in swimming. Strong powerful strokes. I was really impressed seeing him in action. Still can’t get over it…kylie sleeping on my laptop with hands still on the mouse! ha ha ha. You have 2 bundles of joy!

  6. Wah…you also in Bento-ing? I see all the bentos around…so nice. I also want to do…but won’t lor. My kids probably think it’s too kiddy. 😦
    Now demanding to buy food in school …rather than bring lunch.

  7. Wow.. Kieran ada gaya lah!!!

  8. I try visiting more & more mommie blogs out there and the more I visit, the more super-moms I see! Me myself with one little one also driving me nuts. Cant do anything else. Sigh …

  9. Amah, you very terror lar!

    Oh yeah, remember our ‘looting’ chat ok? hehehehe

  10. Looks like everyone is in the bento craze!

  11. Wah… again, tai sau wok! 😛

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