My poor distressed boy…

See this sad looking face? Well it’s been like that lately. He has been really putting on the most miserable face ever, especially during meal times. Apoh gets really worked up and nags n nags about how fortunate he is to have such good food (that’s what she thinks, but I reckon her cooking is eh..hmm…not quite appealing to especially these fussy kids’ liking..) She kept forcing him to eat the fried tofu skin which she stuffs with fishpaste (homemade of course) but she doesn’t understand the fried tofu skin can be quite chewy and the kids can’t handle it.

Besides choosing the food, I know he’s been overworked lately. Tuition starts at 8.30 am (we have switched tuition teacher as we found he didn’t improve at all, failing his Chinese main paper in 3 exams in a row!) and he gets back to Apoh’s place for dinner around 7+pm. He starts dinner around 7.30pm after scrubbing shower and starts slaving doing his homework around 9pm. He attempts to complete completes hopefully by 11pm! By that time his double eyelid is so deep, as if his eyes have sunken in the eye sockets! Therefore, I leave him at Apoh’s place during weekdays as we will never be able to make in on time for his tuition should he goes home with us.

I now feel so detached from him, I try to give him some attention and love but there’s basically no time for that! I am not sure what is happening now is good for him..but I don’t want him to have any spare time if he ever goes to private school, I know he will be so spoilt. He’s sort of protesting against what he’s going through by picking up fights with other kids in tuition class.

I stopped his piano lessons at that majorly expensive so called prestigious music school as I tried to make him practise his piano one day and he refused. So I made him kneel and pull his ears. Guess what? He rather kneel down & pull his ears than practising! NMFL!


23 responses to “My poor distressed boy…

  1. aiyo poor kieran. he’s going through a tough period now with so many homework and extra classes eh? i’m sure he misses his family too since he’s sleeping over at apoh. so how to solve this problem leh? not good wor, since he’s starting to pick up fights with others. would talking to him help?

  2. Wah. The “rather kneel down & pull his ears than practising” part really can kek sei any parent! LOL.

    But I wish all the best to this poor boy of yours. Kids nowadays really no more childhood due to constant pressure from school. Sad.

  3. Maybe he has ‘sum si’.. look at him, so lengcai.. maybe he has some gf issues? πŸ˜›

  4. aiyoh… so kesian lar seeing Kieran like that.

    I think a lot of boys are like that… do you know that PiggyBeng always failed his exam when he’s young? Then suddenly he ‘woke up’ one day and topped the class…. heheehehe

    Have faith in Kieran… maybe some special Bentos to cheer him up???

  5. Perhaps Angeleyes is right. Give some time to the poor boy. Have a talk with him. Bring him to places he like and have fun. Or Bentos maybe would help.

    Goshh…kids these days….so much stress ya.

  6. hmm .. poor boy. Well, really do not know what to say.

    Maybe talking to him, asking him how’s is day etc etc will help πŸ™‚

  7. Poor boy… How about 1-1 home tuition?

  8. he look stress out la….
    if possible, try to cut all those “extras”….i think he need you to be with him..and not staying at apoh..
    need encouragement

  9. wah….stay away from you ah…sure he sad la…no more bonding…jealous also la…kylie get all “the lurrve” and stuck to u all day!! and he pulak…stuck with homework & drabby stuff. tough leh.

  10. maybe u have every reason to put him on such a strict schedules…..but i read also i felt very ‘sam thong’ for d little boy la….!!
    if for mine, i’ll sure gone soft hearted & switch to private….running away ***

  11. Aiyo..poor thing. Don’t be so hard on him (and on u). Angeleyes is right. Boys are late bloomers. My hubb also always fail exams when he was in primary school, but he still made it all the way to uni in the end.

  12. Just enjoy him being “him”. Boys will grow up eventually πŸ™‚

    u sure they ever grow up? do you live with one??? πŸ˜›

  13. hey! it’s normal that boys are more difficult to handle than girls. i do pity Kieran cos from wht u wrote, he’s not enjoying wht he’s goin thru now. why not u talk to him and let him suggest what he prefers…or is it chinese school is too stressful for him? i know mandarin is very important now but seeing ur son feeling so miserable is a sad thing too. btw does he feel sad that he’s not staying at home on weekdays? sometimes boys dont voice out n keep everything to themselves! hope all goes well real soon yeah! take care!

  14. poor thing. I used to have that kind of stress but now it is over. I homeschool my kid and I can see she is so happy now. We are so into the MOE system and did not give time for the kid to catch up! The MOE systems really sucks!!!!!! they must think of a good system to encourage them wanting to learn new knowledge, too much homework is never the solution…..

  15. Poor boy, he looks so charm and unhappy.

    I think spending quality time with him might help.

  16. he really does look very sad. I guess being away from you also makes it more depressing for him. He must be so exhausted each day too with his schedule. Do you get to see him in the evenings at your mum’s? I sure hope there is a better alternative for him.

  17. He’s still young and he has to work so hard already until no time for play.

    If me.. I also kek-sum.

  18. Aiyo…Kesiannya Kieran.
    I can sense all this stress coming out from a Chinese School. Especially with chinese-illiterate mom like me, how to cope? I’m having a second thought on sending Shern to a CS. Really stressful hor.

  19. Shern’s mom – you are so wrong. I was a banana too. Academy is solely depending on the child, how well can they cope. Chinese is just a additional language. Even if you go to a kebangsaan school, your BM need to be very good too.

    Peggy – Make him read more chinese story book. It does help for him to build up his vocab, etc. Just sit with him every forthnightly and make sure he read. Read and read! Even though I am banana, my daughter (same age as Kieran) doesn’t have problem with chinese but her BM, wah lau! Eh, 40 issit a passing mark? I forced her to read more Bahasa story book now.

  20. Aiyo…like so kesian like that…..

    If he has no interest in piano, then don’t force him lor. Why want to stress both of you out? Find something that he enjoys doing….maybe a sport?

  21. Just offering my 2 cents here since Ryan and Kieran is of the same age. Perhaps you can get him to start his homework right after dinner (or 15 mins after). That way, he doesn’t need to finish at 11pm. That’s wayyyyyy too late and too tiring for the poor boy.

    It’s a good idea to let go of the piano classes since he has no interest in them. If you are really interested in him learning piano, perhaps you can check out one particular site that sells very afforable course USD40 that enables even non musical parents teach their kids. Good for bonding. Email me if you want to know the site.

    Why not let him participate in sports instead, like swimming, ping pong, taekwondo, etc? Hope I’ve not said too much here. Sorry for hogging your comment box.

  22. oh dear…have u thought of changing him to kebangsaan school? Maybe he’s really not into the Mandarin??

  23. Some kids really hate Chinese and even though they tried they still find it too difficult. Maybe he’d fare better at a government school?

    I’m so scared, I think all of us will have to go thru this with our kids, too leanient they grow spoilt, too harsh their minds might snap :S My brother now in Std 6 also giving my mom headache, now learning guitar all the guitars wanna buy. Study pulak like wanna die… sien. Samo private school leh… think the peers there also influence a bit la, got money ma.

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