In Loving Memory of LaundryAhKung

9 years have passed since you left us. I miss you…terribly still. Especially now, with the situation in the office. I know what has happened in the business will definitely break your heart but I can’t control the situation. I didn’t ask for it to be this way. With God’s strength I will persevere, with memories of how you pulled thru all those years, I will hold on to as my motivation to go on..I really don’t understand why this has to happen and for 3 generations in a this some sort of a curse or what? I rather not think of it that way…

The kids came along to visit your grave. Kylie of course has no idea what’s going and just thought it was a normal outing, only thing the sky was still dark when we left the house. We had to stopover at McDonalds as the kids were making noise asking for food. Mom and brothers arrived first and cleaned up the place (I don’t understand why as it’s already quite clean and well maintained but mom insists..). Kylie climbed up and stepped on where you were laid to rest, jumping up and down! I took pictures but my younger brother didn’t like it and said that you would be angry with her…I don’t think so lor..remember crazy horse? You used to give me crazy horse rides on your thighs? I would always say faster faster…it was so fun…remember I used to rub my face against the stubbles on your cheek? I am sure you will remember that!

We all miss you very much…till we meet again….


15 responses to “In Loving Memory of LaundryAhKung

  1. hope everything will be fine and goes well for you. take care and be strong.

  2. Hope the storm will blow away soon and things will improve. Hang in there.

  3. 😦

    You were his little girl eh?

    See Kieren showing the ‘sum see’ face again. 😛

  4. I am sure he is in a happy place now. I was my Kung Kung’s gal too 🙂 He passed away when i was sitting for my SPM.

  5. I have faith in you just like your dad have it in you… or else he won’t have pass on to you…
    Sometimes it is only timing… perseverance… I’m sure you can do it!

  6. yr dad love u just as equally…… don’t feel sad!

  7. You were the apple in his eyes.. always will be. Take care.

  8. ah, laundryahkung anniversary ya… i forgot also…

    eh, you tough cookie ma, jangan give up ok.

    eh, ya lor, yr kieran like got sum-si la… you sure its not bcos he broke up with gf ah? you know yr son mia looks la… can catch some girls also you know… sigh… so kecik sudah ada gf problem. my anak also told me his “veness” dont want to talk to him 😦

  9. Don’t tell him about the business then he ma don’t know lor.

  10. Of course LaundryAhKung will not be angry with your little girl one lah.

  11. so heartwarming 🙂 hope everything will be ok….you be strong. *hugs*

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  13. aiyo…don’t make me cry…everything makes me cry these days…sob sob! Don’t u worry, daddy is in great hands up in heaven.

  14. *sigh* your talking about your dad brings back memories of my granfather. he was a quiet fellow, but when he passed on, nothing felt the same. even his our old dog sat at his alter everyday then…

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