My lil vain pot is 3 years and 4 months old..

She loves going to the salon to get her hair “fixed” thanks to APoh la. She will bring Kylie along with her and the hairdresser will comb and tie up her hair. That day she actually requested for a hair wash!! See la..

See how relaxed she looked…tsk tsk tsk…spoilt brat! Alamak..eek…I spot her drool!!!

Then proceeded to cut her hair (bluff bluff again…) FYI she asked for another haircut yesterday..

She has been requesting to go “tai tai” (“kai kai” = going out ) lately and refused to stay at APoh’s place. When I bring her to the office she will cry each time I walk out of the office. Like today she insisted to follow me as I went out to pick Kieran from music class. So I brought her along. Kept repeating in the car, “I want tai tai..” like a broken record.

Each time she follows me out, this will happen lor…

This pic was taken one day after visiting the doctor..sometime last month I think..she was playing with the goggles and then ter-fallen asleep!

Picked up Kieran and off we went to SS2 McDonalds to get their lunch and something from 100Yen shop.The moment they saw their happy meals, they pounced on it..not to get the food but that stupid toy! I threatened to take away the toys unless they start eating.

Kylie has this very bad habit of saying this too…”I WANT….” everything also “I WANT….” Quite annoying lor..

She has been with me at the office lately as I had to rush to be on time, so no time to drop her at APoh’s place. She will be bringing her Elmo VCD and shoving it into the computer and say, “I want…I want Elmo…” Sometimes I get too busy and I will snap at her…feel so bad after that…

She has been asking me about school lately just because her cousin goes to school…she packed her bag and insisted I bring her to school a few times ledi…kept telling her it will only be next year..

She’s toilet trained in just one – two weeks which was quite some time ago..forgot to mention as it was not to my credit!Β  Was APoh & APoh’s maid who helped toilet train her. However, she gets lazy, as she still sleeps in diaper, she will wee or poo in the diaper even though she’s awake! Bleah!

Her speech is still not as good, but she’s able to get her point across..


24 responses to “My lil vain pot is 3 years and 4 months old..

  1. muhahahahah….ms lil’ vainpot is too cute leh!!!! she definitely knows how to enjoy eh? ooo..i think it’s the phase they are going thru now cos mine also keep saying “I WANT” all the time :S

  2. OMG!!!! She is sooo cute on that 1st pic! maybe she just takes after you…. likes to ‘pan-leng-leng’!

  3. wah..tai tai in the making:)

  4. So funny…the one in the goggles…and the drooling bits…

  5. wahpiang, so young oredi so shiok go salon wash hair ah. really “tai tai” soon…

  6. wah wah….baru 3 tahun go saloon wash hair kekeke…she really knows how to enjoy eh

  7. LOL, love the Goggling Asleep!! LOL!! What a priceless picture! Something to blackmail with, in the near future..

  8. aiyooooo, miss her already…. she is a real darling now. and, no price for guessing where she inherit this visit-saloon and pan-leng-leng genes from la… *muaaaaaksssssss*

  9. She really enjoying herself hor. So funny to see her drooling….hahaha…cute ler!

  10. Kylie first picture looks like u a lot!!!! hahahhahahahhahahah, like mother like daughter!! So shiok till she drool…hahahhahah so cute!!
    Happy 40 months old kylie!!

  11. wow, so little already know how to enjoy hair wash ar??!!

  12. Wah liao…so young go for hair wash? syiokk only. hope it dont become a habit..otherwise every week also must….

    She so cute la…Aunty Rachel *hugs* *hugs*

  13. Maybe she really meant ‘tai – tai’ then can syiok syiok go shopping, wash hair, manicure, pedicure everyday…. πŸ˜›

  14. Wow… So young started to get hair wash in salon? Lucky Kylie! πŸ˜›

  15. cham lor….next time, her monthly allowance ma have to include ‘hair wash’ lor….hehehe

  16. Wah, so young start wash hair at salon edi… sure addicted wan. Me also like to have wash and blow once in a while πŸ˜€

  17. OMG, she looks so enjoy ler…once in a while is fine, but not always lor…hehe

  18. yoz~ doesn’t she remind you of… YOU?

  19. hee ..hee.. that broken record about wanting to go kai kai sound sooooo familiar !! Only moms knows how to deal with it.

    And the pouncing on McD toys. haha. same here. mine turn up their nose at the food too.

  20. wah teeerooor

    wash & cut & blow…i also wanna follow u go tai tai….and become tai tai too….ahahahhah

  21. wah trend baru wear goggles and sleep. Eh amah.. *whisper* i tot u always go saloon also to wash hair..muahahahah i think she followed u la!

  22. Wa so young already washing hair at hair salon, pamper nia..

    The sleeping with goggles photo is funny..

  23. Walau….she has her Mommy’s genes leh….know how to enjoy life!!

    Tee also always “I want, I want…” So now I have drilled into her head that she has to say please and ask in a nice way “May I have that please?” and if she doesn’t, she will not get it. AT ALL. Until she realises that she really isn’t going to get it, then depending on my mood, I will ask her later if she wants it or not, hehehe…

  24. Ha ha…so funny to see her sleeping with her goggles on! Very “ho-meng” to go for hair wash at hairsaloon at this age. Looks like she really knows how to enjoy life.

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