My first Bento..(many moons ago)

My very first attempt in creating a bento and this is the closest I can get! Some fried sausages, cheese & nutella sandwich in cat & the island of Australia’s shapes plus cut kiwi fruit.

Kieran’s first reaction while I was preparing his bento.. (took me almost one $@&#* hour to prepare this ok!)

K – Mum..what are you doing?

Me – Preparing your meal for recess…nice or not??

K – (screwed up his face) Why are you decorating it?

Me – to make it look more interesting la!

K – (walked off..not impressed at all..)

It was like you know…pua pua pua pua……(music indicating disappointment…) all my effort he’s not even bothered!

Then I packed the box with this sheep band…

Just before we reached his school, he wanted to start digging into his food. He took off the band and shoved it back to me…

K – need…

Me – Why? Put it on la..nice ma..

K – (chomping on his food) no need la….

When he came back from school..

Me – So did you finish your food?

K – Yes

Me – Oh great..did you show your friends your lunch?

K – (looked at me as I was some alien) Nope!

I attempted another bento for him a few days later…

K – Mom…can you STOP decorating my food??!!

M – FINE! I will not decorate anymore! Blek!


28 responses to “My first Bento..(many moons ago)

  1. i think i wil get the same reaction if I decorate Jayden’s food too.

  2. hahahaha! Kieran so funny lar!

    Anyway, never give up… one day when he has ‘gf’ maybe he will think differently! Wanna impress the gf mah!

    Now you do for Kylie… I’m sure she will appreciate mommy’s ‘sum-yee’… 😛

  3. Waaa… sum tam lor!!

    My mummy never made such things for us. T_T

  4. Oooppsss…you must be so thinking ‘sai lei sam gei’. Maybe you decorate for Kylie, she will be thrilled?? And finish up all the food since you said she doesn’t like to eat….heheheh.

  5. aww…lol.
    Maybe if it was chicken nuggets the shape of a animal or fries the shape of something he wouldn’t give such comment?…hehehe…
    But if it was me, I be super happy if my mom would do that for me when I was little.

  6. boys will be boys, may be shy leh. May be he is too old for bento? For boys, I think they won’t appreciate the decorating part.

  7. Kieran is a big boy lo, sure he don’t like those “cute cute” food la. Girl will be different. That’s why i better fast fast do the bento stuff for my boys now, when they grow older, their reaction will like Kieran too. hahahhahah

  8. haha…maybe he needs something manly LOL.

    nvm kylie sure love it

  9. Hi, I’m new here. Looking those nicely decorated Bentos some other Mamas did for thier children makes me want to have a go too! but, your encounter really hold me back…especially i got a son too, i think it’s in boys’ nature your son acted out that way! Cute!

  10. ooh… mummy must b heart broke.. its ok probably hes a big boy now im sure ur girl will like it…

  11. maybe u can decorate it with superman? ben10 or things kieran likes???
    i wonder are boys really boys? they dont like such stuff??

    i’m sure kylie will appreciate.

  12. You must feel very sad, rite? Maybe boy does not like tat. Try to decorate for your girl..She must be very happy to see that.

  13. LOL!!!! Attaboy!!!

  14. hahahahahahaha!! CAN YOU STOP DECORATING MY FOOD?!

    how can lar u treat him like a girl!

  15. I think this is a boy thing.. so uncool having their food decorated. Luckily you still have your girl. 😛

  16. I had to laugh reading about Kieran’s response. I agree with ZMM, it is a boy thing. I am sure if you have done the same for Kylie, she would be over the moon.

  17. what a great mum! can still find time despite busy schedule… i am sure kieran appreciates it inside but shylah!

  18. I couldn’t stop laughing while reading your post! You boyboy is very ‘yao ying’ larrr.. A very practical one too …

  19. Look on the bright side, less work for you 🙂

  20. aiyoh… hehe, ur son very man edi lor… hehe

  21. WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!! Sorry ah…Kieran too funny….maybe he needs Transformer shape la, not pussycat!!! Hahahaha…..

    You are such a great Mom, my dear….

  22. muhahahahhaa…kieran is really funny and i can picture his reaction. probably doesn’t want his friends to see the decorated food his mom made. yeah…girls would have a different reaction 🙂

  23. aduh…..kik sei lor !!
    in that case, i’ll save the effort for kylie instead !!

  24. Dun “kek sum”. Should be glad, this proved that he is “manly”. Prepare adult bento for him lor. Can save time.

  25. Maybe he finds it too girly? Bento some macho characters, batman etc? Err.. if you could find the mould ..

  26. big boy edi, donwan cute girly bento… 🙂

  27. Aiya…boy lah. That’s why I don’t even bother to attempt to do any for my boys.

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