Bento No.2

My second attempt which didn’t receive very good reviews from the recipient..

K – Mom!!! Stop it!

Me – What??

K – Don’t put the mayonaise…ewwwwwwwwwww…

I can’t believe this as he LOVES mayonaise!!

Me – What’s wrong I thought you liked mayonaise..

K – NO I don’t! Stop decorating ok!!

What happened to the bits & pieces from the cut outs? My little princess helped me gobbled them up! So do I need to decorate bentos for her or not? Ok ok I’m not so bias..I did…

At least Kylie appreciated my hard work and finished eating every single bit on this plate..

And another time I tried making the sausage curve but this sausage with the cheese filling is kinda difficult to manage and it ended up potong-ded! (broken).

Fingers shivering n the cat ended up with blotched eyes!!


24 responses to “Bento No.2

  1. Kieran is perhaps too old for a decorative bento. See, you still got your Kylie to appreciate your work.

  2. Cute ler the bento for Kylie… šŸ˜€

  3. Amah!!!! So nice the bentos!!! Why Kieran liddat one???? So potong steam hor?

    Luckily Kylie is your supporter… must start them young! hehehhee

  4. oh at least now u have someone who appreciate ur bento

  5. Can you make one for me too? But forget the potong sausage, ok? šŸ™‚

  6. they sure look good to me

  7. LOL! Amah, i cannot stop laughing at the cat egg, so funny but very cute! Wah! U got moon bread mould?? That is very cute! And also the fish! nice nice!
    Start doing bento for Kylie, she will happy to eat more!

  8. this is Bento on the plate…..
    I like your cat too..didnt look shivering to me.. looks good.

  9. wah ur egg banyak shape eh…ada moon somemore keke…looks like kylie loves it.

  10. The fish bento is very cute, the moon also!!! Boys.. I think they don’t really know how to appreciate all these? Not sure. But Kylie is one great spot!

  11. Wow! I still think you did a very good job esp fish with mayo leh …

  12. Creative bento set. Way to go Amah! Love the cute cat even tho’ a little bit “mata sepek” and the moon so nice too. Can I have a bento set with my name on it too? I have no appetite to eat these days…that may help me eat! ha ha.

  13. Kieran big di mar, must be cool, kenot like all tis girly things. hahaha!

    nice “meow” egg… šŸ™‚

  14. Hats off to you! Still do such pretty bento so patiently even though kena rejected before šŸ™‚ Your kids are very lucky!

  15. Aiyah, make adult bento for the kor-kor and kiddies bento for mei-mei lor. Kau tim. I find adult bento better in terms of time and minimal food wastage.

  16. If it’s any consolation, my 2yr old hates my bentos!!haha

  17. creative ler your fish!!!

  18. Waiyo!! Better not let my Tee see this man…otherwise, she will be demanding why her food doesn’t look like than one!!!

  19. Aiyo.. your boy ah.. really so ‘cool’.. doesn’t want to have decorated food huh?

    Waste mummy’s effort only.

  20. i like d tomato sauce in kylie name….great idea!for itu ‘potonged’ sausage, try to ‘belah’ it into 2 before slicing it……d std size is a bit too thick & big to bend !!!

  21. hahaha big boy already, dont want his food to be decorated. This bento thingy seemed to have take Malaysia by storm… even my wife is crazy about it and started making it for my daughter.

  22. Ha! Second yeah, i saw ur first! so nice! now guess we always get influenced by other mamas’ blogs…erhm, i should nerve myself to give it a try! See! u give me another influence liao! šŸ™‚

  23. boy and girl different maaaaa

  24. Hi, first time your blog. I like the bentos you made for your daughter, Kylie. They look so pretty and different from most bentos!

    Hahaha, maybe Kieran finds it messy since he’s going to hold the sandwich? I think he prefers the mayo in the sandwich the normal way.

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