Raya Break

What to do on Raya holiday when you don’t have any open houses to go to? Find your own open house lor…where? Ipoh la! Yes we decided on a last minute escapade day trip to Ipoh, the land of the “bestest” food ever, besides Penang of course..

Dressed up the kids to suit the occasion…Raya clothes of course..

My “Aminah” & “Abdullah”

Packed the car up, my younger bro & wife, cousin Yong & hubby, mom plus us. All in my faithful MPV!

Thinking traffic will not be heavy on the highway but we were wrong…many ppl going up north..

The rest areas were jam packed but we had no choice but to stop at the Tapah rest area as we really had to pee! Kylie was a good girl and managed to hold till the rest area. She refused to wear the diaper. I was afraid that she will refuse the public toilet as she has before. Thank goodness the Tapah rest area toilets are quite clean.

First stop in Ipoh is of course Ipoh Old Town, “Tin Chun” coffee shop. The absolutely mouth watering caramel custard was sold out and it was crowded like mad! We had to wait for quite some time and even that we had to split into 2 tables. The hor fun was as usual very good…the taugeh is soo yummy…and of course the chee cheong fun! (yet to discover the mysterious Canning Garden CCF that Albie mentioned).

Next stop was Funny Mountain so-slippery-tau foo fah…sllurrrppsss…drive in style of course…

After that we went to get the “Heong Peang” (Ipoh famous biscuits) factory as the biscuit is more fresh & crispy. Our cousin came to meet us and guided us to their house not too far away. Chilled there for a while and kids started wanting to do “big business” and we decided to shower the kids there. They had a fun time as we used the bucket water system..scoop and pour! They screamed in delight!! Something we city folks are deprived of..Another cousin dropped by and brought us the sticky gluey cakes in peanut and peanut sweet soup. So yummy can die….

We had to adjourn to visit another old friend and bid farewell to our cousins. Chilled there for a while and it was time for dinner. We made bookings at this restaurant called “Mun Choong” and the English name turned out to be Pusing Public Restaurant! What a funny name, it doesn’t mean spin the public but Pusing is actually the name of the town where this restaurant originated from.

We actually made a booking for the fresh water big headed prawns and the famous suckling pig. Again..so yummy can die lor…

The body fried in some dark sause

The head was steamed with Chinese wine

Roasted suckling pig…

Sinful leh…we had more dishes but I didn’t take all the pics as I was busy eating!! yummmmm….


17 responses to “Raya Break

  1. The Famous CGCCF is at Central Kopithiam, near the new town Maybank area!!

  2. hahaha pusing restaurant, what a name LOL.

    yerr…ur makanan looks vy yummy. eh someday must do makan trip ok

  3. oh boy…you are sure making me hungry looking at the food. eh..u didn’t eat the CCF with mushroom sauce? it’s da best !! you see…we were back in ipoh too during that time but didn’t go to all the food places you went 😦 Mun Choong is really famous and their food is simply delicious!! A tad expensive, no?

  4. ai-yo-yo… your Aminah and Abdullah soooooo comel!

    Aiyoh… see the food also make me wanna drool lioa!

  5. Food trip……
    eat non-stop….
    Wonder the adults enjoyed most or the kids???

    *dreaming of Ipoh food now*

  6. Haha. Ipoh mali, Ipoh Ipoh mali…

  7. wah. yum.

    i think only in malaysia can u find all these very weird names! wad funny mountain, pusing public. lol.

  8. can die how many times la wei? 😛 You is cat ah? Got 9 lives ah?

  9. *bawls* 😦

    I miss ipoh food.

    Love Mun Choong food. Not cheap, but very good value (compared with KL).

    What’s this sticky gluey kuih with peanut? Like mua chee ah? And what sweet peanut soup? Boiled peanuts in a sweet broth? I had something like that once. Yeah, so yummy can die. Esp when taken piping hot!

  10. glad to hear that u so love ipoh food! yeah…it’s so yummy! the chinese rest is our favourite dinner plc! i love the soy sauce prawns too…slurp! slurp! so sad for the caramel custard! i was back during raya break too n custard also no more! mika must have 2bowls of that hor fun!

  11. so yummy until the head also pusing?

    Btw, you dare devil la.. big holiday break go up North.. I just stayed at home.

  12. the prawn head + wine, sure very yummy oo…Ipoh really has lot of foods to eat!

  13. What a delicious trip u had! Aminah & Abdullah sure looks cute!

  14. Haha…pakai baju melayu lagi wor…stylo habis lorr..

  15. AH! Aminah and Abdullah look so cute and handsome!!

    Wah! The prawns make me drooolllssss….yummmm

  16. your photos made me soooooooooooooooo hungry!!! *smack lips*

  17. Wei…You eat piggy these days ??

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