2 bad dreams on the same night, actually morning…

I can’t believe this…I’m wondering if this is due to the previous night incident..anyway..we ate in this not-so-good restaurant yesterday that made me so thirsty till now..I have to write this down before I forget.

I woke up mid sleep from my first wet bad dream…

I missed my flight to Cambodia! I’m so curious why Cambodia as I’m actually scheduled to go somewhere else next week.. And the worse part is I was in the car with Apoh and me and big mouth screamed out..”Oh no! I missed my flight, I forgot it was today..” And guess what was Apoh’s reaction?? Of course faster than the speed of M16, bang bang bang…non stop saying how useless I am bla bla bla..so important can forget..bla bla bla…Then I made some phone calls to try to get another flight as I couldn’t use the ticket of course, weyo? It’s AirAsia la! Then of course I WOKE UP! Was so freaked out and also thirsty and started perspiring too. Went to get a drink and turned the aircon on again and went back to sleep.

Next I thing I knew…the dream continued! Shiats!

This time all of a sudden there’s this guy who used to work for me in the laundry shop (I used to have one and due to him, I decided to close it down!!) was in the dream! Freaky..he was supposed to go to this Cambodia trip too, same goes for Apah & the kids! So we managed to get another ticket the next day. Somehow, that guy was in another location and we had to go back to pack so we thought we would pick him up after we packed to go to the airport.

While we were at home, we were dilly dallying as usual, rather it was me..and before we realised it, we were late again! Then I decided we go first and make a call to that guy to tell him to go on his own but I don’t know why suddenly there was another twist here! All of a sudden he was in my house pulak! (really no connection…cis!)

We were like walking up n down in the airport, frantic but thank goodness there was a slight delay. Then I asked Apah to call that guy and ask him to drive Apah’s car here instead. Somehow he didn’t pick up the phone so Apah went back to get him. During that time, don’t know what possessed me to leave the bags including my LV Naviglio handbag with all my money, camera, passport  bla bla was inside, with Kieran.

While I was standing there looking at Apah go off, suddenly Kieran came running to me. I am sure Kylie was with him too but I couldn’t see her face clearly in the dream.

K – Mom!

Me – Kieran!! (screaming at the top of my lungs!) What are you doing here???

K – I wanted to see where u are…

Me – WHERE ARE THE BAGS??? (I thundered…)

K – It’s over there…(pointing to the direction..)

We or rather I ran like a maniac towards that place, and saw our bags still there but of course my LV IS GONE!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! There were stuff scattered everywhere. The thief threw out my DSLR (obviously didn’t appreciate photography) and some other stuff all over the place. I broke down crying. Strangely my phone was with me and I called Apah telling him to forget everything, as our passports are gone…we can’t go..I couldn’t believe why that stupid thief took our passports and not the DSLR…BUT….it’s only a dream but I was thinking out loud in the dream ma…got to write down everything rite??

I was sobbing uncontrollably which is so NOT me…and that’s why at that point I woke up and was darn thirsty!!


24 responses to “2 bad dreams on the same night, actually morning…

  1. veli chi keik woh yr nitemares… -_-”’

    better hold on to yr LV kuat-kuat for the nxt few wks!! 😛

  2. haha…why cambodia ah? hehe…I just came back fr cambodia tho’

  3. are you very stress??
    luckily only a dream…2 dreams.

  4. Relax relax… I think you too stressed. It happens sometimes.

  5. so your pillow all wet with ur tears? poor u! nevermind it was just a dream! cheer up!

  6. The Interpreter

    My fren,

    Let me interpret the dream for you. From your dream, I could see that you have 2 incidents in your life that has embedded 2 subconcious feelings within you.

    The first is regret. You missed achieving or doing something in your life that have caused a lasting regret within you. That’s why the dream sequence of constantly being too late to catch a plane.

    The second is loss. You have lost something dear to you. The LV represents that something or someone. Thats why you were sobbing in the dream. An obvious subconcious feeling of loss or grief.

    Lastly. I am NO shrink so .. be cool! ;p

    hahahha..no shrink..hmmm what have I missed doing?? dunno wor…lost something…that always happen to me! apa la..so free ah..Interpreter..

  7. wei, ini memang like wet dreams la.. mau drink water saja.. hahahaha… must be you always thinking abt late to the airport.. so this dream is a REMINDER…. hahahaha…

  8. wow….so your dream is so happening eh?

  9. aiyo, the dream can sambung one ar….hahaa….better go de-stress this weekend!

  10. top up the ‘insurance’ ah! lol!

  11. Aiyo, don’t ever eat such saltish food again b4 u go to bed. 2 nightmares in 1 nite is super freaky! Can imagine how relieved u were to see your naviglio when u woke up. Maybe it’s a wake-up call…u must have neglected ur naviglio??? Better use it la ;p

  12. can sambung wan ur dream, keng wor. yah i agree with angeles, better hold on to ur LV kuat kuat. haha!

  13. i guess oo…maybe you’re too stress la, haha..just like me, can have few dreams at one night..

  14. Ur maid make u stress?? Till dream also go Cambodia??hahhahahhahah

  15. oooo… this was the ‘dream’ you told me har?
    You must be super duper stressed out until can miss ‘flights’ so many times!

    Should have order more umbra-suan-boi for you that night to ‘quench’ your thirst’!

  16. Yeah, should relax a bit and take things easy. I think you must be over worked .. stressed. Relax.

  17. muhahahahahahah…..your dream can continue?? this is funny lah and I like Annie’s comment…it’s becos of your maid that you dreamt of Cambodia? muhahahahahahahaha

  18. hahaha….funny lah ur dream LOL. but thief a bit mou lou never take ur DSLR but the passport keke. so looks like u stuck in Cambo liao haha

  19. wow… very drama le your dream… haha… summore can continue like TVB series…

  20. you can even remember the conversation? sai lay la..

  21. Think that you are literally tensed up these few days … Relax larrr.. and wish you a sweet dream tonight 🙂

  22. oh my…..that must have made u shiver & sweaty !!
    think u must be very tired & stressful la.
    still thk god it’s just a dream….albeit a very real one heh!!

  23. Yea, continuous dream very freaky wan. Used to have that. You know there is a site on interpreting dreams, Maybe if you google for it, you can find out more?

  24. Ha! You still sound funny when describing your bad dreams!

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