Raya Outing 2

The raya outing did not stop at Ipoh. Apoh wanted to take the kids (including my brother’s daughter) out on the monorail in KL. When Apah heard of this, he didn’t feel at peace to let the kids go with Apoh, not that he doesn’t trust Apoh, it’s just that he knew his kids well and they can be too much to handle for Apoh. So he volunteered to go with with them too. Upon hearing that I quickly suggested to take the LRT instead to KLCC as the monorail stations are not located at convenient locations. Since it’s going to be KLCC, I went also la! ngek ngek ngek…

We drove to the LRT station, parked the car there and off we went. While waiting for the train the kids were all excited and happy..so was APoh..

I like this photo below of the cousins…

Kylie was a menace, wanted to climb up and look out of the train window..and she was making friends with people around her..

Upon reaching KLCC, the kids were running out and Kylie wanted to join the older kids but we didn’t allow of course. We had to strap her to the stroller and see what happened?

I wanna foyow (follow) kor kor..I wanna foyow kor kor…

Lunch was crappy and I couldn’t buy many things as the kids took turns to go to the toilet and Apah kept reminding me we were taking the train and asked me not to buy anything..bla bla bla…


13 responses to “Raya Outing 2

  1. Oooo..you must be disappointed that you couldn’t buy a lot of things ehh. 🙂

  2. u very pandai, know how to make use of your time! lol. suggest take LRT so can go KLCC!

  3. Ha ha ha…..shopping never escapes LaundryAmah…..except this time 😉

  4. eh can still shop some and hang it to stroller, hands free 😉

  5. ya loh, shop & hang @ stroller. haha! but then hor, im sure ur shopping bags are too “BIG” to be hung at the stroller. wahahahaha!

  6. so much fun on raya outing. Shame on me, i hv never bring my boys to take LRT or monorail before.

  7. We sometimes take the Little Boy to shopping mall by LRT too! But just out of fun instead of doing a real shopping!

  8. next time.. kids must stay at home.. 😛

    But KLCC, so expensive, safe your shopping for overseas la.

  9. Amah!!!!! Hugs and kisses from the Land of the Childless … muax!

  10. i wan foyow take lrt also… keh keh keh….

  11. Aiyo…Kylie looks really upset…love her cute little hat tho’

  12. Apah is definitely very ‘loud and direct’ this time eh? hehhehe

  13. eh, yr Abdullah very photogenic leh…
    very ‘panlai siu’ wor…..haha

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