Bagan Lalang..backdated..

Thanks to the recommendation from this mummy, we managed to find this beach at Bagan Lalang. We went during the National Day holiday…yeah that long ago…The beach was fairly clean, only drawback is the mouth of the river is nearby so the water can be quite dirty.

The kids were so excited and happy to see the beach, this goes to show that we should bring them to such places more than shopping centres!

Yeah!! We are at the beach!!

Yook(look) kor kor…look….(I have no idea at what??)

Daddy so free nothing to do, wrote Kieran’s full name…

We hung around till noon and the sun was getting too we washed up with the water we brought along and then filled the containers with sand..(to fill our sand pit…ngek ngek ngek..) My mega tupperware collection came into handy at such times…

We stopped over at Tanjung Sepat for lunch at this restaurant called the Lovers Bridge Restaurant. Why Lovers Bridge? There is a jetty close by which is named Lovers Bridge.

We ordered crabs, steam whole fish and various dishes and it took them over an hour to prepare! The restaurant was kinda packed and I was worried the standard will deteriorate but it didn’t and was really good & tasty! All in below RM100! However, Kieran got pretty mad due to the long wait as he was really hungry..

Lovers Bridge in the background…

Look Mom…there’s a giant lizard over there…(no zoom lens so cannot take pic of that lizard)
See the dual tones on Kieran’s arms..

Yummy yummy crabs…I’ve not seen Kieran eat so fast before…hahahahhaa….


14 responses to “Bagan Lalang..backdated..

  1. Bagan lalang, been to this place few years back. Should bring my boys to go there one day. 🙂

  2. Wah! Nice tann on Kieran…his a crab lover? Wow!

  3. Wahhh…you went to Bagan Lalang. You like the place? Hmm..never been to Tg Sepat, maybe should go there for the food, but the wait surely kill the kids…

    Btw, you have nice shots there :).

  4. first picture: u forgot to add, NOT SHOPPING CENTREEE!! 😛

    To answer your question, I’m studying lar. But I am also a uni tutor, so I teach 3 classes every week. 🙂

  5. wah, nice wor! haha… not shopping centre! wakakakakaka 🙂

  6. Yeah, i came across it frm Zara’s Mama! erhm, she impacts u and now u impact me, feel like going too leh!

  7. Yummy crabbbb!!! The pic of Kieran hammering the crab was so cute… 😛

  8. Crabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsssss!!! Been ages since I have yummy crabs!

    Kieran looked so serious trying to hammer the crab hor? hehhehee

    Kylie is looking more and more like you!

  9. Looks like fun. Too bad this mummy hates beaches haha. Hey, I have been to the same restaurant some 5-6 years ago….unmarried and childless…….

  10. Wah, quietly sneaking to the beach. You no friend us liao ah. How can! How can ‘we’ not in the picture!

  11. i can see kylie n kieren enjoying themselves at the beach….

    crab..yum yum fav.

  12. oo..sudah pergi once, no wander want to go again keke….

    the beach looks pretty clean leh

  13. feels like going already. the beach looks clean and why no pic of yummy food? too hungry?

  14. sounds like a place that we should all explore….. given the hectic life in the city!! must check out where is this place first !!!
    wah…kieran really gave a whack on the crabs heh…

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