Evening beside the lake..

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend came from Sabah and was staying with her brother who happens to live quite close to us. I made donuts and called them to make them my guinea pigs share with them. We met at the park beside the lake. They were feeding the fish and tortoise in the lake when we arrived. Kieran and Kylie were really excited too as they love feeding the fish. They brought along the leftover fish food and of course the donuts for our friends..

My mini donuts…first attempt…turned out quite ok but I found it a tad too hard..

My friend fed her son with one hand first….

and she was carelessly holding the container in the other hand…and then…

















down went the container into the lake….

and my donuts became fish food!


23 responses to “Evening beside the lake..

  1. thedomesticfringe

    Oh, how sad for you. They look like wonderful dounuts. I can’t believe they looked so great on your first try!

  2. Poor lil donuts…the fishes must think its thier special Deepavali treat!

  3. aiyoh all ur hardwork dropped into the lake for the fish! did the fish finish the donuts?

  4. wow looks yummy leh ur donuts

  5. looks good eh your donut…can open shop…haha

  6. Oh noooo! So ‘sam tong’ la .. Coz your donuts look really great!

  7. i wonder what was ur reaction? did u rush to the rescue? was that hand trying to get the donut back too?

  8. The fishies must be so happy… =/

  9. haha! ya loh, lucky fishes! πŸ™‚

  10. looks good leh. can have the recipe for the doughnut or not? Never made any before !

    it was great meeting you yesterday. Hope there’s more of those meet in the future.

  11. Aiyo! Those lucky fishes get to have colourful sprinkles lining their contented tummies! What a windfall for them;p

    Btw, I have an award for you. Do check it out at my blog πŸ™‚

  12. The donuts looks good. Furthermore u made mini size..*cute*

  13. so cute! but ROFL…

    eh those fishies r the luckiest in the world!

  14. Aiyah wasted!!! you made the donuts ?

  15. adoi, wasted. Nevermind la, next time make more..

  16. the donuts look yummy and very pro. Can post recipe?? I got a donut fan here.

  17. Hi! I also speedread your blog. Haven’t met up for >10 years, but you are exactly the same as before – very witty, very expressive and still the shopaholic. So glad to meet up again.

  18. fish has got lucky on that day!!!!

  19. They looked appetising! Some more ‘kar liu’. The ones I bought outside doesnt have so much chocolates for sure.

  20. Are you sure she didn’t ‘purposely’ drop the container? 😈 Muahahahahaha!!


    making my rare appearance….

  22. eh… doughnut….slurpsssssss….

    But…I think horrrrrrr

    yr fren not bodo one…. she touch oso know the doughnut teng kok kok lar..
    U see her son’s face oso like… Not realli enjoying the doughnut…. So convenient hor… lake jz next to her…
    the fishes must’ve had a wild time….

    but… fish can take chocolate onot? skali like dog liddat mati how???? then it’ll stink d whole housing area leh wei….

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