My new “office helper”

Before I talk about my new office helper, I would like to thank Oliveolyz for the Butterfly Award.

It’s been some time since I’ve received awards..but I am not going to pass this on as I’m too lazy….zzzZZZ besides, I think most of the blogs on my blogroll have already received this award…

Anyways…back to my office helper…

I have been bringing lil monster princess to the office lately. She will sometimes very enthusiastically want to torture help me, e.g. quickly running to the copier to collect my printing for me..

We sometimes have missing stationery and keys as she plays with them and then hides them under the tables! She will disturb my other staff and can be quite annoying. She hangs on to their feet and doesn’t allow them to walk away!

She will also immitate us by picking up the phone and pretend to talk and take orders/messages with pen & paper..(I couldn’t snap the photo on time as she stopped the act when she realised I was about to snap her pic!)

However, she has a tendency to sleep on the job…



















On the chair…

At the table…


27 responses to “My new “office helper”

  1. Kylie is still so cute!!! 😀

  2. hahaha .. she is cute 🙂

  3. hahahahhaahhahahahahaha!!!!!! this is the future taukehnio!

  4. Ha ha ha…she must be sooo exhausted, can even sleep on the office chair like that 😀

  5. muhahahahahahaha…..this office helper is so cute lah. errr…i hope you don’t deduct her pay for sleeping on the job 😉

  6. Office helper needs to be sacked!:)

  7. Aiyoh! She is sooooooooooooooooo cute ler!
    I like that thumb sucking pic!!!!

  8. horrr.. torture yr staff.. LOL

  9. hahaha…ur staff suka curi tulang kekeke

  10. hahaha….. Kylie is so adorable… you’re working ur new staff too hard lah…

  11. Your office assistant is overworked lah! She needs a company trip soon! ha ha. Very cute post. The other day, when u called, my phone was hooked to the charger. So sweet of u to call to share our joy! Yes, we’re all super excited too…

  12. i dont mind a helper too now :p
    office work is so pile up 😦

  13. hahahaha how adorable is that???!!!!!!!

  14. office helper caught sleeping.. but cannot chau yau yu..

  15. your lil office helper is so adorable!

  16. She’s definetely cute!

  17. Well at least she is napping. My monster ah .. until late night .. and mommie dying to sleep .. he is still running about .. pening.

  18. I dont mind having such a cutie in my office leh. She would cheer up a lot of people !

  19. thumb sucking office helper!

  20. waaaaa…she REALLY looks like her Kor-Kor lah….with long hair oni

  21. *Gring gring* ello, mau repot child labour.. siap ada gambar as evidence. 😀

  22. Hahahaha… taukeh lui caught tao lan. 😛

  23. Haha … the sleeping pics are adorable!! Aiya, what to do … cheap labour, you cannot complain la. 🙂

  24. where got forgot about u 😛

  25. that was SO SO cute of her but hor, when she gets to see these in 20 yrs time, u no sked she chase u wif a parang ‘tou’ ahh, wakakakaka

  26. This is the advantage of being your own boss. Can bring anak to opis. No need take leave jaga anak. That pic of her sleeping on the chair is so cute.

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