Day trip to Bangalore, India

Yes it was exactly one day as I have miscalculated the timing due to the weird flight times. The flight to Bangalore is 11 pm flight and it arrives around midnight Bangalore time and hence the same plane flies back to KL just before 1 am, the following day. Anyways, good thing I didn’t book the flight that flies off the moment I arrived, but it was for the following midnight. Am I already confusing you?

Anyway, the airport looks impressive (cos it’s still new) and there were quite a lot of flights that arrived around the same time. Strange isn’t it?? We have booked the hotel transport (it’s safer since it’s like midnight…I don’t think I want to be in a cab or whatever public transportation). The hotel staff (one very handsome fair looking modern singh guy) escorted us to the cab. Once the cab steered out of the airport carpark, we moved on to a very well lit 2 lane highway and within minutes the lights disappeared and we were travelling along some dirt road! Scary right? It was really a long long way to the hotel and it was pretty chilly in the cab. Good thing I wore something thick enough.

We finally reached the hotel around 2 am. It was like suddenly a very nice building amongst the other run down buildings. We quickly checked in and before I messed up the room settled down I quickly snapped pictures of the room. Looked very impressive but…

Looks neat and pressed but when I opened up the cover, the bedsheet was crumpled and greyish…eeee well at least they don’t have a weird smell…

Nice bathroom but the towels were greyish and had spots of dirt everywhere..good thing I always bring my own towels (no matter where I go, even Europe) and also at least the pillow case!

Morning breakfast was a mixture of western and Indian food. I ate the Indian food of course! I love Indian food, in fact the food I craved most during my pregnancy with Kylie was Indian food and chicken rice!

After breakfast, the supplier sent his driver to pick us up. The roads are pretty bad and traffic is bad. They also use the horn all the time, honking like nobody’s business. We were driving past this place..

A fruit stall right outside a supermarket selling fresh fruits…

The supplier’s house was enclosed in a guarded area and is a vast difference from the outside “wilderness”. After a short break at his house we proceeded to visit his factory. Took us almost an hour to reach the factory due to the bad roads and of course the jam. Err..the road not only has cars & other vehicles but also cows too! Too bad I didn’t take any pics. Was quite impressed with the machines they produced, which I reckon looks better than those made in my grandfather’s homeland.

It’s ok to sound your HORN, OK!!

peet peet…taxi!

Next was lunch at a famous chain restaurant in town. It was buffet spread but with not much choices but the food was really good!

My first plate…it didn’t stop there…

Various breads/ yummy can die..

and Indian Kingfisher beer to wash down the curry…ahhh heavenly…

After lunch I proceeded to another factory (same owner) and ride was a horrendous hour or could be longer than that..I can’t remember but it was damn long and the guy who brought me there kept talking on the phone! I couldn’t even take a nap as he was going on and on and on..till his bluetooth earpiece died!

After the short tour we had to rush back to the hotel. The guy wasn’t very sure of the road but he still took an unfamiliar road which is supposed to be a shorter way but it still took forever and he had to stop, emm actually didn’t stop, while the car is still moving he wound down the window to ask other drivers!! Amazing!

The hotel charged me another half day rate (not fair as we only arrived at 2 am and was out of the hotel by 10 am!) and I quickly took a quick shower and waited for the cab to bring us to the airport. The hotel rate was exorbitantly expensive, really not worth it lor..

I was really early at the airport as the person I was traveling with was traveling in another flight which was a few hours earlier than mine. I couldn’t check eventhough I didn’t have any luggage to check in. They only had self check in counters for their local airlines..what a boo boo..

By the time I could check in, I was slow and had a group of 3 who went ahead of me. Bleh! The check in process was sooooo slow….Then at the security check point, I was really put off. We had to send all our bags, including my handbag through the converyor but I have to go like a few aisles away for body scan and check (separate from the men) and I was so worried about my handbag!! I kept looking at the bag’s direction and then the guard kept trying to tell me that I didn’t put the luggage tag on my handbag. I didn’t put the tag as we didn’t need that in our local airport. But obviously the rules are different here and they didn’t have spares to give me! After that due to miscommunication, he let me go! Off I went shopping at the miserable duty free shops and bought a magazine to read…it was going to be another 2 hour wait ok!

By the time the counter was open for boarding, they didn’t allow me to go in as my handbag was not tagged! So I had run like mad woman to the security checkpoint to get the tag stamped! The flight was quite empty and I had the priviledge to move to a row of empty seats and made them my bed! It was a good nap after the meal…


16 responses to “Day trip to Bangalore, India

  1. Eeee I know! Each time I stepped foot in India, I get a massive headache from all the honkings!

    And I agree it’s really a stupid thing to tag every single item of your luggage, and that includes your handbag too! I don’t know why they want to do that for.

  2. sound like an interesting trip & a good and funny experience huh? 🙂

  3. Wah, you go India ah … got buy Indian mangoes?

  4. hi got an award for u, and u might already got it frm some one else ha! check it out anyway:
    got some problem to make the link, anyway u can find it frm my blog.

  5. So adventurous lar!
    Love those Tamdoori chicken and naan!!!!

  6. Sounds more ulu than Hanoi!!! Luckily you like Indian food. I would have pengsan-ed!

  7. wow…..that sounds adventurous, woman!! definitely somethg different….but not many would know how to appreciate it…yes, thk god u like indian food else can die also, haha
    at least now u can say u’ve landed yr foot in india…thou must be tiring for you!!

  8. The nan bread looks soooo good man…u picked up any Indian words?

  9. what a funny 1 day trip. so i guess, no shopping malls there eh? 😉

  10. Wah…all the way to India for only one day? Waaaa…very taxing trip leh!

  11. ei. the food in India looks good leh.

  12. ooops. that was me. not Kimberly. She was using my laptop just now

  13. Ah what? Flew to Bangalore and return in just one day??? Amazing!

  14. eh… u really so geng arr…. went all the way day trip to Bangalore…

    Disguising to ‘work’, but achelli went for food…


  15. Shiok-nya…jalan-jalan lagi! The food looks great. I love Indian food too!

  16. It’s cool! 1 day trip yet interesting!

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