RIP my dear Tai Yee..

Tai Yee is my Apoh’s older sister. She left us to go to heaven yesterday night. Good thing I still have a picture of her smiling..although not so clear but it’s good enough (look at how bended she was, during my brother’s wedding last year Oct 07). I never really thanked her for begging to keep Apoh. If not for her Apoh may not meet AhKung, and there will be no Laundryamah!! Yes Apoh was the last in the family and my late grandparents had wanted to give her away; oh nooo another lar..I think it’s due to the fact that they were already quite old and also did not have the financial means to support yet another child. So both Tai Yee and Ngar Yee (another older sister to Apoh) begged their parents to keep Apoh as they pledged to take full responsibilty for their newborn sister. How sweet!!!

I knew that Tai Yee spoilt Apoh rotten as she had sewn many dresses for Apoh. If I’m not mistaken, she too sewed me smocking dresses too. Only Apoh managed to get English education, thanks to the support of her older siblings. Therefore, Apoh also became arrogant due to that! She was always the big bully in the family eventhough she was the youngest but Tai Yee was very gracious…she used to complain to me,

Y – Ah girl, Tai Yee very kik sum (heart pain..)

Me – Why ah??

Y – Your mother la…always shout at me so loud…

Me – Ya lor…you don’t bother la…she always shout at people ma…she loves you one..

Y – I know she does…she always bring soup for me and sometimes bring me good food…but on the other hand…I’m the older sister ma…she cannot shout at me liddat hor…

Me – Ya ya I agree…tsk tsk tsk….

Y – I’m deaf ma..I cannot hear her properly and she gets so impatient..

Me – Ya lor ya lor..(ayo what do you expect me to say besides this..)

It’s sad to let go but we all feel it’s for the better, it ends her suffering here on earth…May her soul rest in peace..


16 responses to “RIP my dear Tai Yee..

  1. R.I.P., amah’s tai yee…

  2. my condolence to you & family, such a nice lady 😦

  3. so sorry to hear abt this… my condolences… hugz!

  4. you are still being cheerful to report this 🙂 at least you don’t make it sound too sad! This is good! anyway, my condolences to the family and you too.

  5. My condolences…She’s such a nice lady!

  6. may your tai yee rest in peace.

  7. what a lovely post for your beloved tai yee…my condolence to u n ur family.

  8. sorry to hear about it…my condolences. Meanwhile do take care dear!

  9. yaloh yaloh.. she is at a better place la. my condolences..

  10. How’s your mom holding up?

  11. hoiyo… RIP Tai Yi… dont be so sad ya amah…

  12. Sorry to hear this. But like you said, she is in a better place now.

  13. So sorry to hear about your Tai Yee’s passing. My deepest condolences to you and family.

  14. Our deepest condolences to you and your family on your Tai Yee’s passing…

  15. Sorry to hear that & here’s my condolence for you & family for the great loss!
    now, wouldn’t it great to leave behind such great memories after one left this world!!

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