My Korean drama fever came back..

As if Astro on Demand is not enough, I’m back to my Korean drama craze..I was surfing in between channels and found this drama on Channel 303…

I’m Sorry I love you…

As usual, it’s kinda depressing…the lead guy has to get shot in the head, like twice, and have one bullet remaining inside like a time bomb, waiting to explode and he waits to die while trying to avenge on his mother who abandoned him when he was a baby…you say la…depressing till die or not???? BUTTTTTT…so depressing but I still watch…of course the lead actor is cute la! Abuden?????

Photo from here..

Next is the long awaited Snow Queen of which stars Hyun Bin (from My Name is Kim Sam Soon). It’s a 2006 drama but the DVD only came out recently…dunno what took them so long..I finally saw it at Speedy Video last Thursday and of course bought a very low price summore…I mean lower than the price I paid for Kim Sam Soon la..

Photo from here..

I actually saw the first few episodes online but it takes so “berardy” long and sometimes gets hang-ded halfway…so I finally gave up…now…(rubbing palms together…) can’t wait to start on my DVD chase….ngek ngek if you don’t see any updates….that’s the reason la…


21 responses to “My Korean drama fever came back..

  1. Haha..I also chasing the TVB dramas lor..The Gem Of Life, Off pedder and When Easterly shower…all TVB series..

  2. Hehehe.. have you seen ‘Bad Love’ by the lengcai Kwan Sang Woo. I’m watching that now…… very draggy la….just hv to f.fwd sometimes.

  3. Abuden??? U mean Hyun Bin that cute guy from Kim Sam Soon?? Oh no!! He is so cute!!

    Psssttt….u got the DVD hor?? After u finish, can borrow ka?? hahhahahahha pretty please……

  4. means you’ll be very very busy lor…somemore got Gem of Life and the Easterly Westerly series!

  5. Aiyah you people all so lucky ..i no chance to even put on the TV… sad leh.

  6. okie…me going to get the DVD…

  7. little girl at heart, you.

    you still chasing korean drama.hee hee.hee.. *ducking from rotten eggs thrown*

  8. hehe… 🙂 im chasing taiwanese drama pulak…

  9. I tell you hor, old people these days watch more drama / TV than kids man! You can join my mum, as if Taiwanese not enough, HK and Korean also watch!

  10. Aiyor…enjoy ur marathon session…but don’t forget to eat ya? ke ke ke.

  11. Aiyo… I oso like to watch Korean dramas! Hmm… channel 303, I shall check it out but looks like it I don’t have time or don have the chance to take control of the remote 😛

  12. u so lucky la… i 311 also no time to watch. now only watch disney channel UWaaaa

  13. Haha… you too slow lah. I’ve watched both of those ages ago…. though for the first show, I abandon after a few episodes cos buaytahan, go watched the last episode first. The second one was on TV leh. They had back to back show with the same actress. Hyun Bin is so cute. Am following his latest show with Song Hye Gyo (from Fullhouse) titled “The world within” or “The world they live in” shot partly in Sg.

    I absolutely refused to subscribe to Astro-on-Demand. Without it, already busy with Taiwan and Korean dramas…. on internet ‘cos the kids hog both tvs. *_*

  14. Ooo I like to chase tv series that I like… Can get so carried away if u hv the whole season on DVD…. When finished watching, then will feel so lost and empty! LOL!

  15. Is it me or do all Korean actresses look alike? At least in my head …

  16. Wah i watch a while only i already feel like crying !!

  17. Btw, you’ve been tagged.

  18. Been visiting everyday and still no new post .. K drama that good .. if so, ok, dont wanna go near it!

  19. i know what korean drama i should chase for..thanks for your information!

  20. what password .. dont have WP password wor… can view and kaypoh or not?

  21. you really have to check out our new site,!

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