My 2008 Christmas Baking..

Cupcakes for a Secondary School Reunion

Arranged on my Ikea 3-tier serving tray..nice leh…

Mini Christmas cakes for my neighbour and for my Christmas dinner parties (Kieran loved this cake so much..)

Snowmen Cotton Cheesecakes for my nephews who came back from Jakarta (One of them just ate the icing!)

Pineapple tarts for my buddy who came back from the US with my Wilton pens and flower cutter set!

Now it’s time for Chinese New Year cookies…my oven will be very very busy from now on…




23 responses to “My 2008 Christmas Baking..

  1. is that how the original icing looks like on the mini christmas cake that you brought for us? 😉 we got the ‘flattened’ version. Kekekkeeee!
    Thks again! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    ya ya..the same version..hahaha sorry ah..flattened n melted leow…

  2. wahh, so hardworking at amah!! lol. happy new year!

  3. Wow they look sooooooo nice!!! Well done! Happy New Year!

  4. wah, veri rajin baking ah, like the snowmen 🙂

    Happy New Year to you & family!
    May the year of Oxie brings you happiness, good health & more wealth!

  5. you’re so into baking!!
    Happy NEw Year 2009, AMah!

  6. Woww…very nice Xmas cupcakes!! Happy New Year to you too :D.

  7. I also want!! LOL~

    Happy 2009 to amah & family.

  8. Waiyo….another supermom….so busy with business, some more can bake such delicious cakes and cookies!

    Wishing you & your family a fabulous New Year 2009!

  9. So beautiful. I need to take a baking class from you lah.

    Happy New Year!!

  10. wah liao eh…ini baking season for u huh

  11. I want to eat also!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. I like the snow man cakes. festive looking.

    Happy New Year to u and your family.

  13. Happy new year to you and your family!!!

  14. oh man…they look so yummy! making me hungry now. i still remember how kieran’s bday cake tasted. yum yum yum. intend to sell the the cny cookies or not?

  15. wah so hardworking ge on the baking?
    anyway its too tempting…
    arghhhh got ta lose weight lose weight.

    Happy new year to u.

  16. Happy New Year to U….. Wah very nice cupcakes wor… Hmmm seems like now U will be the one busy cooking lor!!! Hehehehehe

  17. Aiyo amah…lovely decoration there. Just one word describes u…TALENTED!

  18. Wow! Didnt know you can bake as well! Looks so delish some more! Yeah, bring on those CNY cooks & bakes .. and do share recipe please!

  19. wow!! beautiful shoes…it has been ages since i wear as nice as those 😦 *how to jalan carry the crying kids?*

  20. Waaaah…so hardworking with all the baking and decoration!! Did you see my masterpieces that I did or not?? The 3-D fondant figurines??

  21. I admire how you manage your time, work, kids, family, hubby, shopping, and now baking! Salute!

  22. wow….i really need to learn from you lar, one day!! seeing yours make me feel so failure…sob
    still haven’t start my fingers on fondant leh… i must pass up some home work for CNY edi !!! **wink wink**

    no lar…ayo not failure la…mind just 2-D fondant leh..haven’t even ventured to 3-D..hey u interested to go to a class cos I m considering of going la…

  23. Do you wear a matching shoes when you do the baking?


    errr…cannot wear shoes in the house wor..but I’m sure it’s kinda sexy baking with my high heels…kakakkakaka

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