My Christmas & CNY shopping (Part 1)!!

I was fuming mad one day with one of the office staff while I was outside and I was driving in KL and instead of turning into the direction back to my office, I detoured to KLCC…

The result of my doing so…



















They were of course discounted and it was indeed a good deal as another discount of 10% was taken off the discounted prices since I bought 2 pairs! I so the love shoes…

And then the shoe buying didn’t stop there of course…

Guess 4″ heels at 50% off and I had RM10 voucher to knock off the price..(while I was trying this pair, there was another lady also trying this same pair and she kept asking to buy them. She said she had bought almost 20 pairs of shoes in the last month! See I’m not mad…)

Ala la la brand from Tangs & Co, best buy at RM199 from RM899! Good deal or what??

On the way to lunch with Kings Wife & Angel before Mamma Mia, I had to park below Isetan and bump into these beauties..Lewre red hot heels at 50% off (once Kings Wife saw them, she had to have them too!!)

This shopping spree was so last year’s incident…there will not be any repeats…(oopss….I forgot I went shopping on New Years Day!!)


26 responses to “My Christmas & CNY shopping (Part 1)!!

  1. If my Ah Beng see these (if I splurged on these) I think he will divorce me immediately!

    Even I bought a RM2 stuff also he asked me to record it down coz he wants to know what I have been spending on! *pout*

  2. Happy New Year 2009, Laundry Amah!

    Nice shoes… heh. 🙂

  3. I like the Tang & Co pinkish color shoe beest……

    Nice taste..

  4. *tabik* at shopping queen 🙂

  5. many shoes at one go…can join hand in hand with my friend liao…LOL..
    Love the red shoes though..

  6. Wow, a great deal indeed!
    I love the last 2 pairs, but too sad I can’t wear high heel shoes as it would give trouble to my legs…

    Happy New Year!

  7. wah liao ehh…..pengsan oredi me LOL

  8. *breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out*

    OMIGOD!!!! Those shoes are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, you only got 5 pairs. Can buy another 10 and you’ll get to wear a new pair every day during CNY until Chap Goh Mei 😀 Good idea hor? hehehehehe

  9. i like the GUESS shoes the best! still got 3 more weeks b4 CNY, so can go buy more! u havent gone to pavillion, have u? hehehe..

  10. Wahh lauuu….that’s A LOTTTT of shoes ehhh. For the whole year, I only have the most 3 pairs of shoes…..hahahhah. Stop buying liao after I stopped working :(.

  11. I love the red heels!!!!!! SEXY!

  12. aijo, so early oredi start with the CNY shopping ah? 🙂 Happy New Year also!

  13. Happy New Year amah!!! Wow…that sure is a huge collection of new shoes…boleh pakai semua ka?

  14. wei wei wei…have you worn the red pair yet? I’m waiting to wear mine leh, but no occasion wor.. 😦

  15. I *love* shoes!!! I used to buy shoes every month but agree with Khongfamily, I stop ‘sapu’ shoes when I stop working .. Feel so guilty by doing so 🙂

  16. WALIOW!!! You very CAN!!!

  17. Is it because I cakap banyak-banyak the other day that you didn’t get to buy your fill of shoes at MidValley???? So must “pou-sou” at one go???

  18. Wahhhhh…. people buy new clothes for CNY, you buy clothes and shoes!!! I also so love the Lewre red shoes. Sweeeettt!

  19. walau eh….u really ‘enemy’ with yr money heh…
    i love the guess pair….geee, wish i can own one pair too!! wuah…..d purple one so high, can walk ahh like that, tabik you!!

    yes, remember i spotted u buying alot on new year’s day….gosh!! talking abt no more shopping, hahaha and u haven’t started with clothes, LOL.

  20. nice shoes you bought…

  21. danger danger!!
    Every time you enter a shopping mall, do they roll out the red carpet for you ah?

  22. Woot! Now, I also want to go shoe shopping! Aiya…but pregnant ler….no point, so boring.

  23. wow… I like the Lewre red heels too.

  24. Ha ha ha…Angeleyes comments so farny.

    Very nice shoes wor Amah, especially the red one. Lucky, I’m always the black heels lover. So simple, can wear all year 🙂

  25. wow… You can really shop eh??? Don’t want to shop with you… Nanti I go bankrupt:)

  26. Nice shoes you’ve got!! There’s once I went crazy over buying alots of heels too 😛

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