Chinese New Year Shopping Part 2

Cheong sam for Kylie

Pretty red dress for Kylie also..

Country blouse..oopss for Kylie also..

Shorts, again for Kylie..and because of these shorts the little girl had an eye injury…

Oh no!! Amah got cheated…bought torn shorts for the girl…It’s FASHION la….

Ok since the above are Kylie’s stuff, will update a little about her..

I’ve weaned her off the milk bottle and started her on the cup BUT with a straw…however, occasionally she will ask for the bottle…

She started school today, I had to be with her in the classroom, it was torturing, I was yawning non stop, when I walked out after receiving a phonecall, she cried!

She has started wanting to sleep in her own bed in Kor Kor’s room which totally upset me! I didn’t want to let her go! Can you beat that??? However, she was coughing and threw up on her bed and had to shift back to my bed after that! So far she hasn’t asked to go back and I’m not asking her….kekekekekeke….


21 responses to “Chinese New Year Shopping Part 2

  1. *Sigh* I am so frugal I never buy the Chinese Traditional costumes for my kids. Afterall, they only get to wear them on very rare occassions and will outgrow the same suits by the following year.

    I like Kylie’s red dress. You’re really a great shopper lah Amah. Salute!

  2. *tabik*
    Must get Darrius to date Kylie out when she wears that cheong-sam… 😛

    How can you kept yawning on Kylie’s first day??? This mommy ah…. must whack the butt-butt lioa!

  3. Kylie got some pretty dresses for CNY.

    My girl also cried a lot when she went to the kindergarten.

  4. Hi, Amah.My first comment here…I like girls wear dresses…and I like Kylie’s red dress.

    Hi Yenny, thanks for dropping by…yeah just to take advantage that she is still willing to wear dresses…

  5. Ehhh…where are Kieran’s CNY clothes?? But you really bought a lot hor…LOL!

  6. luckily i no need to buy girls’ clothes….save $$ to buy for myself, kakakaka
    kesian kylie…but bet she’d forgotten abt d episode now & jumping abt again, haha

  7. Hey heyy… did you leave her in class today?

    I could totally relate to the sleeping arrangement part. Many times when we were supposedly determined to let him sleep on his own bed/room, we ended being the ones calling it off. MM seh tak. They smell so goooooood esp at night!!!!! 😛

  8. hope she will get use soon..giv her some time..
    wow, nice CNY clothes ….cute n pretty

  9. Is there a Part 3 for kor-kor’s things???

    yes yes..wait to take pics n then resize and then load in one by one…very slow la…

  10. The “koyak” pants are in? Wah, very rugged look wor…to match with mummy’s koyak pants? he he. Wah semua red-red, pink-pink hor?

  11. where did you get that pretty red dress ? Curve ? Very nice, not too chinese new year, very classic too.

    The red dress from Brands Outlet at Ikano…

  12. aiyor, mommy u yawn in kylie’s class ah? hahaha… terer la you 🙂 i love the shorts u got for kylie

    donwan let her sleep on her own? why la, she is growing up de, but i can understand… hehehe! we miss our precious beside us kan?

  13. ahhhhhh this is kylie’s. how about the mummy’s one??

  14. Wah! I love Kylie’s cheong sam..very nice and also the red dress!!! So many clothes for Kylie, how about Kieran lei??

    I have not wean my boys off the bottle yet. 😦

  15. i oso kow tim all the cny shopping edi. usually girls get more hoh

  16. ooo..very nice clothes for kylie. btw, where did you get those shorts? i love them!!

  17. Wow wow.. I want to be your daugther also la.
    Can buy me torn jeans or not? Hee hee..

    I’m also very ‘frugal’..

  18. What about your clothes leh?

  19. Wah so many Baku for cny… I only bought two cheong sams for Ashley and one Kung fu outfit for. Aidan…

  20. Lucky Kylie! Girls are so much more fun to shop for, huh?

  21. I know you bought more than this. Show us! show us!

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