Rojak Post (incl CNY Shopping Part 3)

Before I start showing my shopping, have an announcement to make, my younger brother’s baby was born just past midnight on 18 January 2009 while we were in Langkawi. This picture doesn’t do the baby boy justice as he’s really good looking even at 3 days old!! Has a very high nose and very nice features..the mother claims that he looks exactly like my brother but errr….since when was he good looking ah??

So? Good looking or not? The hospital ran out of boy blankies and he was covered in a girl one…

The following are boring shirts I sapu-ded from ESPRIT at their various best buy/sales and they have been washed for CNY wearing..

This one is from Benetton..what’s the diff? It’s also checked…hahaha

There are some denim shorts and pants too, aiya..boring la…no need to show la.

I would like to show a simple bento (of a distorted Hello Kitty and My Melody) I made for Kylie for her first day just to create some excitement. She was very happy and quickly took out her lunch box when the teacher started to serve biscuits to the class.

She was very clingy the first day and I had to sit in the classroom with her. She cried really loudly when I had to leave the room to answer a few phone calls. However, she did enjoy herself while playing toys and eating my bento of course! The 2nd day she was more relaxed and I could leave her and go outside. After class I casually asked if I could leave her alone the next day and she answered me confidently, “YES! You dun wait for me, ok?” Wow, I was so impressed and so proud of her. Indeed I could leave her in class and went off so proudly waving at the other mothers who hung around..hahahaha


11 responses to “Rojak Post (incl CNY Shopping Part 3)

  1. no chinese new year with family this year. so no clothes buying either. or shopping!

  2. LOL! did the mothers give u evil stare? happy chinese new year

  3. Great bento!!!! I know Kylie will be your best supporter!

    So proud of Kylie too… big girl lioa!

    Btw, Kong Hei Fatt Choi!

    *blush* no lar…actually cannot consider as bento cos not really up to standard lerr..

  4. haha, u can ngan bangga-nyer wave bye2 to other mommies. jahat nyer! hahaha!

    happy moo moo year, have a good CNY 🙂

  5. cutenya ur bento!! Hope to see more..;)

    Wah! Kylie so good girl, my boys cried for a month when they first go to school.

    Here wish you and your family have a very happy chinese new year and Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!

  6. wah kylie so good eh…

    congrats to ur bro

  7. Happy “Moo..Moo” year to you and your family!!

  8. waaahhh….kieran has so many clothes for cny!! how blessed 😀

    kylie is such a good girl. so, have you found your prada?


    Yea yea I found my Prada kind of the school staff to keep it for me…phew!!

  9. wah.. action.. b’cos Kylie no need you to hang aruond.

  10. one pic of handsome baby onliiii arrr? post more la.

    side profile can see the High nose!!

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