CNY Shopping Part 4

Before I display my Part 4 shopping, just wanna post about my sushi making one fine day..Kieran loves Japanese food and Apah is not too happy about it (no prize for guessing why) so we decided to have home made ones but can only get fresh salmon from Jusco One Utama/MidValley!

Leng leh??? Can start a stall???

Got this from Coast at a ridiculously good price, was the last piece and fit me 70% off and an additional 10% off when I paid with a certain Visa card and earned 5X points!!!! I was almost in heaven…

Cheong sam top at 70% off…

Cheong sam at 50% off and fit me like a glove…

Dress from Robinsons which I eyed when it was full price but didn’t buy of course and since now it’s like 70% off, buy la of course!!!

Well I think I’m leaving the CNY buys here…there are of course more stuff I bought but I just can’t post all of them here…not enuf time and patience..kakakaka..


20 responses to “CNY Shopping Part 4

  1. food… yummm… i wan… yumm… gosh…

  2. All at 70%?? All very very nice! I like the first one the most.

    Here’s wishing Amah and family a blessed Gong Xi Fa Cai…

  3. You are VERY CAN!!!! in your SHOPPING!!
    Don’t think I know anyone who shops like you do!!!!!!

  4. Wow, the dresses are super nice, and 70% somemore. Aiks, how come I can never find pretty things on sales one?

    Here’s wishing you a happy and a prosperous Chinese New Year!

  5. wei…show picture of you WEARING the dresses la… loving the Robinsons one!!!!

  6. huaahhh…all veriiiii veriiii nice leh. You sure look gorgeous in them wan.

    Hey, Have a great CNy and see you guys at the picnic !!

  7. Nice dresses 🙂

    A very Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous dresses!!! Especially the first and the last one … Just can’t wait to see some photos of you wearing them 😛

  9. wow..lovely. love the white dress. you are really lucky to be able to find stuff at good bargains.

  10. wah…wah….nice ler all your baju….so nice the kids are big now u have time to ‘pan leng leng’ again 🙂

    happy new year to you!

  11. your baju are all so nice. Your CNY must be a blast ! Cheers, Elaine

  12. ur “shoppings” very nice oh… so CNY, got fatt choy or not 🙂

  13. wuah woman, so many tubes & cheong sam wor….u sure look sexy on them!! n u really got very good buy there…i wonder how long it took u to dig out such good lubang, hahaha

  14. Love the 1st dress…
    Every time you go shopping does your hubby sweat ah?
    But yours is good, mine if I tell him you sweat what not your money, he’ll reply I don’t know where you are going to keep them!

  15. hey kawan, I posted pics of the picnic oredy. its at

  16. Oligina plice is how much? Can be RM800 – 70% = RM240 wor.

    yea i must admit the original price is emm..kinda high also…

  17. i like the first white dress too. So gorgeous!

    ya this one is the most ex of the lot..

  18. Wah u really shopping kuat…first it’s the shoes, then it’s baju, what’s next?

  19. wow…veru good bargain..70%…also very nice n fit you well….it is meant for you all the beautiful dresses…

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