Langkawi Escapade 1

Thanks to Apah’s employer, we get to go enjoy the local resorts as the company organises Family Weekend Retreat with one day for meeting thrown in as well. This time we get to go to Langkawi and enjoy The Andaman. Seriously, even if I could afford it, I will pay that kind money for this place…but since it’s paid for, we went of course!

The company only paid for Apah’s airticket so we had to foot our own airfares. Therefore, the preferred choice was naturally AirAsia ler..Really, I’ve taken AirAsia for several times and so far, so good, no delays, whatsoever..*touch wood*

We took the earliest flight (kiasu la) and we had to be at the LCCT by 6.30 am! It was a smooth flight and Apah was very impressed for his first time flying AirAsia. Upon arrival, luggage didn’t take that long to come out and we were on our way in a rented car. Apah managed to get a good deal for a Nissan Sentra. Apah’s been well trained by me to bargain..*beaming in pride*

We invited Apah’s colleague n his wife to join us and thanks to my newly subscribed GPS we found the way to the resort. However, it was sure quite a distance. Just keyed in Andaman Resort, and it went turn left turn right…hahahahaa…

We were greeted with very friendly staff (of course lerrr…cost a bomb to stay there ok!) and we enjoyed the welcome drink while Apah settled the check in procedures. The rooms were ready (eventhough we arrived so early) and I suspect it’s due to the economy downturn that the resort is not full. The resort was really very serene looking and we felt so comfortable and the room was HUGE! It actually had a walk in wardrobe as well. There was a L-shape sofa sort of and we immediately thought Kieran could sleep there and saved on the extra bed cost. (tsk tsk tsk…)

Once we offloaded the luggage and freshened up, we went to the Underwater World. It was not bad, quite a lot of species on display and the kids had a fun time there.

Mini outdoor park inside

The photo above  so charrr of course not taken by me la…I was looking for toilet SOS at that time!!

Then Apah redeemed himself by taking the above and below photo..
Happy Feet Posing

Then it was lunch opposite and it was really horrible food. It was an imitation Lan Kwai Fong Cafe! Then it was duty free shopping nearby. The chocolates were really cheap and we found out the Ferrero Rpche at the Airport Duty free was RM49.90 and it was RM22.90 in Langkawi!! Bloody h@*l!! Weyo? I made Apah buy one box from the Airport just before going to Langkawi..And all these while I thought it was actually Duty Free, meaning much cheaper to buy chocolates in the Airport…boy..I felt so cheated!

The afternoon was really hot and we went back to the hotel to rest so that the kids will have enough energy to enjoy the pool. However, Kieran refused to take a rest, jumping about the room but I didn’t allow him to go to the pool as it was so hot outside.
All ready to dip into the pool..

The pool was really big and it was so tempting but I couldn’t go in as I had to keep my salon blown hair for the dinner party the next day! The kids had a good time but Kylie was shivering but still refused to get out from the water.

First night’s dinner was BBQ and it was quite a good spread. After dinner Kieran wanted to get back to the room himself to watch tv (dvd player was provided in the room!) rest. We allowed him and Apah’s colleague was so shocked that we actually allowed Kieran to walk back alone. For a moment, she did make me feel I was a bad parent..for a moment only ah! Then I got bored too and decided to go back to the room with Kylie while Apah mingled longer. Was playing catching with Kylie along the way and she fell down and her knee was bleeding!! She was screaming (unusual as she has high tolerance towards pain) and kept asking for daddy..Then I got fed up as my soothing didn’t work at all and I just left her crying and asked Kieran to go out looking for Apah (oopss I sent him out in the dark again..) She actually peed standing there and wailing away! Unbelievable! At that point of time I immediately regretted bringing her along…

to be continued…


25 responses to “Langkawi Escapade 1

  1. hahaha. actually its good that you trust kieran at such age – my mum is exactly the same thing. lol. that’s why im so independent. 😛

  2. tell ur fren kieran knows kungfu coz he practise at home all the time

  3. You mean Apah’s company also use AA now??? Or they rebate him the $$$??? heheheehee

    How come no scenery pics on the resort???

    Apah’s company uses MAS geh..but we have to pay for own tix so Apah oso take AA to join us la…well his tix is he get to order food oso…hahaha

  4. Andaman is nice and quite child friendly too. Definitely a good holiday spot for family with young kids. 😀

  5. I beleive you trusted Kieran coz Andaman is so secluded and safe. All you have to worry is the monkeys.. not humans.. hehe

  6. Hi, Amah. We enjoyed our stay there 4 years ago and they even gave a complimentary soft toy monkey to my girl..very nice pool, room, services, sceneries and the beach. Wish to go there again…but not cheap!

    yeah u can say that again about not being cheap…I mean it’s far from expensive cos it’s EXORBITANT! Thank God it’s sponsored! 😛

  7. Looks sooooooooooooo nice. I also want to go!!!

  8. So cool, can go holiday anytime you want. Me ar .. waiting for lil one to grow up .. taking so long .. now he cannot even sit still for 5 seconds. Go out makan also headache. How to travel!!!!

  9. you are really funny lah. can’t help laughing while reading your post. ahhhhhhhhh….such a nice hotel. i very likey your bag 😉 hmm..the last time i went to underwater world, there was no happy feet *pouts*

  10. Envy envy!!! Have heard alot about Andaman, one of my dream ‘pak tor’ place later … Dunno when the day will come ~~~

  11. after so many donkey years never go to langkawi…after seeing your photos…a bit tempted liao!!

    aiyah…dun bring kids, then no more fun lor…no story to tell lor.

    but then i also won’t bring them (if got a choice)…ahahhaa

  12. Very very nice family pic. Who was wthe photographer? The hotel looks cool!

  13. wah so nice one…what is Apah’s work ah??

  14. Exorbitant is like how?

  15. I like the place too! Been there once before i got kids, i love their spa very very much!! Nice scenery and romantic place, good for pak-toing, at that time i went there with my gf. 🙂

  16. I lurve Andaman. Went there before Ashley was born. They even sell this gold coloured book at the hotel’s reception back then with Andaman named as one of the world’s top ten small luxury hotels.

    wow. the chocs like half price only! YOu could have a chocolate party over there!!

  17. i read many good review abt this resort here…will take note if there’s a chance to be there again!!
    talking abt duty free…how can d airport claim it’s duty free when it’s so exp’ve hor…..kenot trust!!
    gosh…..looks like poor kylie is driving mumy up d wall, haha
    yes, u memang geng ….. letting yr boy alone like that!!

  18. Oh oh… we are planning on langkawi or clubmed cherating for coming holiday, seems like this is one good choice too!

  19. I’m sure you lugged back lots and lots of chocolate..LOL.

    LA – Oh yes I did…lotsa goodies!!!

  20. looks like a very nice place wor.. more pics !

  21. i believe andaman should be quite safe for kieran to walk around by himself. Poor Kylie though – cried until peed in her pants.Ashley does that too!

  22. Nice place wor. I guess with the economic downturn, lots of hotels r giving promotions. My SIL just went to Andaman for RM450 a nite, fr the usual exorbitant price. Hopefully Apah’s co wasn’t slaughtered :p

  23. Amah, you all pigi punya tempat all high class one lah. Pssst…. I spy a new LV bag. Ha ha ha

  24. wah Andaman somemore..syiok lahh…

  25. the pool looks good…
    And ya wo.. you let Kieren walk back.. I’m surprised too..

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