Random conversation

Taking a break from my Langkawi update, sorry but I’ve been really busy!

However, I would like to record this conversation I had with Kieran sometime back before I forget..

Me-Look at his face, the upset look, look exactly like u daddy..”sui sui yeong”

Kieran-How can I look like daddy? I came out from your stomach wat!

Me & daddy: o’O (speechless)


15 responses to “Random conversation

  1. muhahahahahahahaha….that’s funny!!

  2. that’s really funny…. sometimes they say things that makes us shut up diam diam hor ?

  3. LOL! so you were speechless huh…

  4. At least now you know he uses his brains 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha! I am laughing like santa claus…big belly is shaking all over…he he.

  6. Muahahhahahahhahahhah!! So funny!!!!

  7. hahaha he’s funny!

  8. Wahh.. he has a point le. Time to teach him about genetics. 😛

  9. That’s a good one!! hahahaha

  10. Hee heee..that is so quirky…. but where got sui sui yong? He very lengchai leh

  11. Basically, what he is trying to tell you is … the “sui sui yong” is FROM YOU!!!!

  12. He’s growing up!!!! Soon it will be the birds and the bees things!!!

    actually it’s time ledi..just dunno how Apah’s gonna handle dat..

  13. Ya wo.. how come my girls all look like hubby when come out from my stomach.

    Ah mah, you got answer or not?

  14. hahaha…did apah smack him for that :p

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