Sooooo sad….

I was at KLCC yesterday and met up with some great company for lunch. Lunch and catch up time was great, but was cut short as one of the participants had another appointment.

So what is a trip to KLCC without visiting my favourite shoe shop, Pedder Red. To my disappointment, the shop is no longer there, yes, chup lup-ded, tutup kedai, closed shop, bankrupt..Oh nooooooooooooooo I was almost wailing!! Now the only way to get those shoes are from Singapore (not sure if they are still there or not) but for sure can get in Hong Kong. My shoe shelf is no longer shoe-xiting once my older Pedder Reds RIP….

Gimme back Pedder Red! Ok ok, I really didn’t help much as I only bought their shoes when they were on sale. Never bought full price before…sorry la..I know they still make quite a bit even on sale geh..come up in a place where the rental is not so high lor…Please??? Please?????


10 responses to “Sooooo sad….

  1. I dont even know that such a brand existed .. such a sad me. Sure can learn a lot of “general” knowledge from blogging .. hehehe. Post up a pics of your shoe lar.

  2. wah….really financial crisis ledi???

    anyway i helped the economy yesterday at robinsons…

  3. aigh…. I always procrastinate going there, now chup lup already. 😦

  4. many shops also chup lup ..very sad.

  5. yor…what brand is that huh??? **go hiding**
    like that ma save yr wallet lor, btw eh thot u said dun want to shop shoe edi??
    eh after lunch, saw u walking into Harrods, anything interesting there, u got yrself anything??
    looks like luxurious food there…??!!

  6. The next time u go HK, u mah “sow foh” lor…don’t so sad lar…

  7. should write a letter to Pedder Red.

  8. Hahaha.. Singapore.. yes.. they still around. 😛

  9. Hi! I’m new, but cannot resist since u sound so sad. I think i saw another store in Gardens or Bangsar Village 2 recently. Memory blurness is an unfortunate occurance fr walking around aimlessly….

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