Langkawi Cont’d

The second day started off with a wonderful breakfast in the coffeehouse overlooking the pool and the beach. It was so wonderful, sipping tea & digging into my food, with birds singing in the background and then the kids began fighting! The girl was more whiny than usual, I want this, I want that and at the end didn’t eat anything! So annoying!!!!!!

We took off to the crocodile farm. It didn’t look very good, but we went in nevertheless. The place was not really interesting but the kids were nevertheless fascinated with the few miserable crocodiles. The highlight of the visit was when we were crossing a bridge over a pool of crocodiles. All of a sudden, two crocodiles began fighting.

Good thing the place was kinda shaded…not too hot

There were a few crocs laying motionless and the mouth opened liddis…I wonder why..

This fellow was born deformed and has to have a special diet as he does not have teeth…

Then we went to the black sand beach. It was not too far away.

There’s not much black sand left on the beach…there’s a story behind this black sand, something like a lady called Mahsuri being killed and she cursed the land and the sand became black after she died..something like this la..

We went for more shopping in town. I was on the hunt for something to wear as I underpacked! Too afraid to bring too much as I planned to buy another set of Corningware. I found Nike t-shirt and a pair of Nike sneakers for Kylie. This is to replace a pair of Adidas which I bought from HK which was chewed by the dog at mom’s place!!

I found my Corningware and it took me quite some time to decide what to get and Apah was grumbling beside me did not help as he kept reminding me that we were taking AirAsia and he already has to handle the kids bla bla bla..I bought the smaller set to replace one that was broken by my previous maid. Good thing they had the same design.

I was kiasu and bought a bottle of Chinese cooking wine too as it was cheaper of course!

Hello Kitty tissue box holder

White sneakers for Kylie to go to school with..

Massive amount of chocs…

After shopping and lunch in town, we went back to the hotel. We just chilled at the beach..I simply love the beach beautiful..

Kids were so fascinated with the tiny crabs crawling in and out..

Amzing art created by the lil crabbies..

Doesn’t the pic above remind you about a scene from the Gem of Life?

Peek of the villas from the beach..

Overall, it was a good trip despite Kylie being a nuisance, we enjoyed ourselves and had good fun.


15 responses to “Langkawi Cont’d

  1. Need help finishing off those chocky’s???

    ya better come here fast cos my maid has been stealing chocs from the fridge…

  2. Corningware good buy?

    yup definitely…this is my 3rd set!!

  3. Andaman’s a great place. Breakfast great huh ? They make own jams, breads and other stuff. The chef even volunteered to cook porridge for Amber as she was a baby then

  4. is it a hassle to bring back the corningware? i didnt get any last time.

    not really, it’s packed nicely in its original box and they either tie strings around it or have big plastic bags to carry it. it’s really worth buying there lerrr..

  5. Corningware in Langkawi??????? How much cheaper??????

    much cheaper lor…

  6. walaoeh, look at the chocs 🙂

  7. wow!!! That’s a lot of chocolates!:)

  8. oh man….i walked on the bridge before and i didn’t realize there were crocs under it until i was halfway. then i frozed. many thoughts came into my mind like what happened if those crocs decide to go crazy and knocked against the wooden bridge? what happened if i became their lunch? you know what? i ran all the way to the other end. hubs was still behind, wondering what happened to his crazy wife…heheheheheh

    your maid is eating all the expensive chocs? tsk tsk tsk. you can keep some at my house lah…i no eat 😀

  9. Wow.. lots of ‘sau wok’ wor…

    I was scared to sh*t when I saw those holes made by the crabbies. I cannot tahan.. I got jelly legs….

  10. Wah! Amah so many chocolates!!!!

    hahahah…that gem of life picture, Good!!

  11. Wow, Nike White shoes! I’m trying to look for it in KL and PJ, but couldn’t find. Now I know where to get it.

  12. i know i know..the crocs open mouth lidat so that birds can peck their leftovers of meat at the celah celah gigi…then they wont sakit gigi..

    Really one.. no loe tim u lah!

  13. shopping lagi? *faint*
    You shuold change your blog site to shopping amah liao.

  14. wah…can eat so banyak choc one ah?

  15. haha..wei take pic oso teringat Gems of Life hahahahaha…

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