I had a scheduled trip to Singapore so before I went, I checked out the Taman Desa 100Yen shop and also Daiso at Curve to avoid buying the stuff which was available here locally.

Loot from 100 Yen shop

Loot from Daiso

Simple sandwich bento for Kylie, she’s just thrilled with the happy face…phew..

Cutters from Takashimaya (obviously after I came back from Spore..but the post on that trip should come later..)

Hello Kitty cake/jelly mold. There are 2 pieces in the box but I only need one. Anyone interested?

No matter what, she still refused to eat any vegetables… 😦 However, she finished the chicken and rice..(the extra black sauce all over was added by Kylie herself!)

There are more stuff that I bought from Kai Kai at Chinatown but I have yet to load that photo..later lerrr…


19 responses to “Bentomania

  1. You are right! A real BENTOMANIA!!!!!!

  2. I’m soooooo jeles! 😛

    Maybe you should blender the vege and make some rice balls with them and Kylie will not notice she is eating vege? 😛

    eh u apa jeles?? U hv more tools than me leh!

  3. shiok nyer shopping 🙂

  4. I so ulu, I didnt even know Taka got sell cutters. You sure tai sau wok. Look fwd to your post. I also want to know if any good deals here. 😛

  5. too bad not all 100yen store has interesting stuffs… must check out d one in tmn desa one day!!
    my trip to spore tak jadi ler…so meanwhile will hv to hold on to bento gear shopping!!
    look fwd to more of yr bento works…..

  6. wow..memang alot of bento stuff..good lah Kylie likes it…

  7. Wow wow wow!! So many bento tools!! Can’t wait to see more bento creation from u. 🙂

    The hello kitty rice look so cute and with the little ribbon. Nice!

  8. wei give me the kitty jelly mold please auntiee laundryamah…i love kitty…from elli (meow!)

  9. I want also the Jelly mould.. how much?

    And where are the shoes that have to match with what bento you are making?

  10. Hello Kitty very the cute la…wonder whether I’ll ever bento? Hmm…

  11. Nice loot!!! So we can expect to see more bentos for you, huh? Thanks for picking up the Mickey cutter for me and bigger Thanks for the yummy cupcakes.

  12. Gotta love Daiso! Always find something to purchase there!

  13. so tempted to buy another kitty mould of yours, but must really stop spending on bento stffs now…

  14. wah another bentomania!

  15. so shiok can always go kai kai 🙂
    i think i will start my bento journey soon too

  16. your Kylie is just like Ashley. Black sauce or kicap all over the food. heeeheee..

    Waiting for your Singapore trip’s other loots. sure going to be a feast on the eyes !!

  17. That’s a lot! I also want to echo ZMM’s comment….shoes and LV bags to match. LOL.

  18. Hello,

    May I know where to get those bentos and how to prepare the nice food for kids. I am new and staying in Kedah.

  19. Wow!! Kudos to you Mommy. Looks really interesting. I boughta book on mking bento meals and some cutters and moulds for it but till now have not got down to doing anything… I think I’m quite inspired to start now. LOL!!

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