More of my Loot..

It has been a long time since I updated..many things been happening, mainly not too good & I’ve been really down..I’m still thinking if I should blog about it..maybe later lerr..but at the meantime, a continuation on my Spore trip..

Doing homework in the airport departure lounge on the way to Spore

His Pokemon toys he brought along…

Testing the bed at my friend’s place…her daughters sacrificed their beds/room for us..

Pooh 2 tier lunch box..kinda flimsy plastic but the deisgn looks good…

more egg moulds & Hello Kitty Rice Mould from Kai Kai)

Silicon moulds from Takashimaya

Jelly moulds from Daiso

Silicon mould from local bakery store somewhere in Simei (near my friend’s place)

Bread prints from Cold Storage

There are many more actually but I’m really too lazy to upload anymore…no mood la…

Didn’t get to use many of my bento tools for this one.. 😛

Kylie doing her homework, gets em every Friday!! Cannot believe this, she’s only in nursery!!!


18 responses to “More of my Loot..

  1. hi how hv u been coping? hope u r better now. cheers *hugs*

  2. Ya lor , visiting you everyday but no update. Hope you will cheer up soon. Take care and well, there is a whole lot of us here with a listening ear.

  3. hey, don’t be so down. It’s very unlike you lah cos you are always so happy happy. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. no wonder no update from you for so long. hope the blues will be over soon and take care

  5. hey… come over for a listening ears if u need, ok! hope u r feeling better already….
    u got very good buy leh…many i’ve not seen before, i particularly like d bread print & moo-moo mould lor!!

  6. Chou-meh-see so down leh?
    Send you email also never reply….

    Wah. Why Kieren so chamm? Must do homework at airport departure lounge?
    And Kylie… so young got homework. Alamak!

  7. wah kylie only has homework once a week…mine has twice a week :(…

    i saw that pooh bear one in 1u too…agree with u kinda flimsy

  8. Hope things will be better soon. Take care & God Bless!

    p.s. Love your loot.

  9. Hope everything’s fine…

    Take care.

  10. Wow! Love your loot, so many i never see before lei. 🙂

    My boys also got homework, twice a week somemore. 😦 Stress lei..

    Cheer up, hope u feel better now. 🙂

  11. Wah! How old is Kylie now? Tee doesn’t even get homework yet…..but the funny thing is she actually LIKES doing homework, so always asking me for work to do. Siao char bor! Ok, Ok….I should be grateful.

  12. I love the cow mold!!!!!
    Amah, don’t be sad, life is short so we always have to look at the bright side. There is always a reason for things to happen and who knows it might be a blessing in disguise leh? Remember, when we are unhappy, we get more wrinkles and with more wrinkles we look older! You don’t want that to happen right???? 😛

    So, smile and be happy! 🙂

  13. hmmm perhaps take a break to relax…
    everything will turn out fine…

  14. homework..sigh, Jo has it everyday!!
    amah, be happy!!

  15. i know, u p makan angin again!!!

  16. amah very seldom see u so down wan wor..cheer up okay?

  17. hey dear….send pw yeah !!!

  18. Wow.. all bento stuff.. the heels and the clothes leh?

    Hope you are feeling better la.. send me the pw.. can?

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