Long Weekend up North

We took off to Ipoh on Friday and the highway was of course a bumper to bumper and we ended up at Bidor Pun Chun Restaurant for lunch. It was packed with hungry people who were travelling up north also, and we waited like more than half an hour for a table. Met a friend and his family there too so we shared the table and he even paid for our lunch!! Now, the wait was somehow worth it!!

The food was of course not good due to overwhelming orders and we waited for another 45 minutes for the food! However, the texture of the noodles was still very good and so far we have not found this type of noodles anywhere else…After lunch we took off to Ipoh and joined in the crowded highway.

I chose the first exit which was the Simpang Pulai exit as I wanted to go to Gunung Rapat to get the famous Heong Peang (Ipoh biscuit) from the factory outlet. Trust me, tastes better than the ones you get in town! (more fresh!) After that was coffee at Sin Yoon Loong at Old Town but even the toast bread is sold out! Left only some butter cakes which was not to my liking of course! (Abuden? Amah’s mia butter cakes taste better than that ok!)

Then we checked in the hotel, as it was a long weekend, and we only made reservations like a week before, we had to settle with one that was not my first choice of course. It was Heritage Hotel, the sheets were grey and the pillows were smelly. Good thing I always bring my own pillow cases for double protection!

Dinner was at Yum Yum on Persiaran Greenhill, near Syuen Hotel. It serves really good Nyonya food. However, we were not quite satisfied and continued our journey to Ipoh Garden for the Ngar Choy (bean sprouts) Chicken Hor Fun but guess what? They sold out at 8.30pm!! What a spoiler!!!!

Morning was breakfast in the hotel, (as if I’m stupid enough to eat there! But it was provided, so I ate fruits la) and the kids suddenly loved cereal and attacked the counter like as if they’ve never had any cereal in their life! Breakfast of course continued at Kong Heng, Ipoh Old Town. We had the famous mouth watering hor fun (rice noodles) that I’ve blogged before and then on to Funny Mountain. It was only 10.15 am so they were only preparing to open for business. We walked over to Foh San to buy takeaway egg tarts/dim sum while waiting…yummy…

Look at that queue! The tau foo fah has not arrived ma..

Business hours – 10.30am till sold out! wakakakakaka..

Next stop..PENANG….


11 responses to “Long Weekend up North

  1. Yalo yalo Funny Mountain very chin kak one… last time their business hours used to be 10.30am-7.30pm but normally by 5pm all habis dijual so now they clever, they put “10.30am – sold out”. -_-“

  2. got GPS direction to the heong peah place or not ? I can forgo duck noodles, hor fun but heong peah is my favourite, the more molassess filling, the better…

    yea yea i saved all the locations in my GPS locations! kekekekee however hor, the GPS satellite not so strong there la…a bit haywire directions..

  3. eh, heritage hotel’s pillows are smelly? really kah? we used to stay there but i didn’t smell the pillows..maybe too tired..hahahaha.

    wahhh..i didn’t know you also know abt sin yin loong…hahahah…they are the best eh? err…where is the ngar choy kai in ipoh garden? i’ll check it out next time i go back to ipoh 😀

  4. hai….what a dissapointment & frus hor…with all the ‘sold-out’….’wait’….’queue’…. !!!
    surely more coming for penang….

  5. Where is this heong peng wholesaler at Gunumg Rapat??? I just took Simpang Pulai road to Camerons, if I’d known that Heong Peng was nearby, I would’ve bought leh!!!despite the gestational diabetes, hehe). Usually I get my stock from relatives coming down from Ipoh but they usually only buy a few packets, not enough!

  6. Somehow when it comes to long weekend or festive holiday, Ipoh, Penang and Melaka sure full house!

  7. wow.. the crowd!! That’s the thing about going for holidays during a long weekend..

    Yeeee.. I try to avoid.

  8. I will make sure I only visit Ipoh on weekdays!! Don’t you find Ipoh to be extra hot? Even hotter than KL.

  9. wah…. now i know why the Ipoh nites got nice skin.. cos they line up for their TAu foo fah….tsk tsk…i would hv gave up. i got no patience

  10. long time didnt try the tao fu fa there. should go there this weekend if can manage reach there before 10.30am. 🙂

    i guess ppl will not appreciate it when it’s nearby…hahaha…

  11. OMG! Such a long queue at the tau foo fah stall…reminds me of the queue for the CKT at lorong selamat…pengsan!

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