I can’t get enough of Tupperware. I’m a Tupperware freak, every darn thing I have is stored in a Tupperware! I was shopping for my monthly dose this afternoon and there were a few others buying also. I noticed the sum they buy is quite a lot, up to RM800 worth of tupperware, boy, that’s a lot! Wow, looks like I’m not the only freak around! Mind you, there were a few of them ok…but they are dealers who actually buy and sell also la.but STILL! Quite a lot leh!

Anyway, there’s a pretty good deal for this month. There’s a good offer for the freezer containers. I find them so convenient. If you buy the big set of 8 items, you will get 8 pieces of the smaller containers. On top of that, can buy the pair of bigger ones at 30% off the normal price.Β  FYI, I already have a lot but I still bought la…can’t help it..good deal ma…


For a clearer picture go to this link.


16 responses to “Tupperware

  1. You ah.. really cannot resist any sale offers hor?? πŸ˜€

    oh well…how to resist ah?? Buy 8 free 8 leh!

  2. aiyoh, was a member b4 la. good deal la! sigh…

    good deal leh…go get it!!

  3. I am Lock-and-Lock fan!

  4. wahh…80 bucks for tupperware :|..keng!!

    emmm not 80 la…800, as in eight hundred..hahahaa

  5. dare not flip the brochure, otherwise sure cannot tahan, must buy !

  6. this tupperware fetish of yours will have serious consequences one of these days amah!

    how serious??? as in?? tell me quick!!

  7. i like tupperware too but i hardly buy now…..so expensive πŸ˜€

  8. I can never forget you came up north with your huge “tupperware” water dispenser. LOL!

    hahha…how come i dun remember geh??? this time v just filled in a million other water containers instead of the big one…

  9. I am a Biokips or Lock & Lock fan. Cos they are really good and way cheaper than Tupperware! Now Parkson selling at 50% off … fantastic deal!!!

    but the Biokips/lock shape & design very boring ma….n Tupperware hor..lifetime guarantee leh..pecah can get new one!

  10. Yalor, quite pricey. But one thing for sure, durable la. But I bengang the maid la, put the tupperware too near the stove and burn the lid, and simply place the tupperwave around, the dog bite it, cannot change already.
    Next time the same thing happen again, potong gaji la. Else, maid never bother to jaga one.

  11. hehe, apa-apa sales you also sapu πŸ™‚

  12. i also like tupperware…. hoping they would come out with more cute cute versions for the kids lar….

    emm the only cute thing they came close to was the Madagascar set lor…other than that, it’s usually sweet sweet stuff that appeals more to the aunties like me!! πŸ˜€

  13. if u have storage place, i dont see why not… but for me..no more space in the kitchen 😦

  14. me too, darn kiasu tupperware freak at one time. Now tone down oredi, cos got to save money.haha

  15. sounds like paid post wo this one.. πŸ˜›

    wish i am! but of course i’m not paid lorrr…

  16. same here… i used to be a tupperware freak too. But after paid deduction, have to save up from spenting …

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