Kylie turned 4 today

Happy birthday my dearest Princess! May God bless you richly and keep you safe & healthy always!

There’s no celebration, but I baked a Princess cake for her and brought it to the school. Took me the whole morning as the fondant kinda didn’t work out too well. Somehow, just couldn’t get the texture to roll out as a big piece of skirt so I ended up rolling up snakes, making it like rope skirt!! It was so tiring…I’m almost collapsing now as I’m typing this…

Don’t ask me about the mess on the skirt…don’t know what I did! Yucks! And I was too lazy to mix another colour for the can you see Kylie’s name on the skirt??

Nevertheless, eventho I thot the cake looked hideous but the kids and the teachers were so impressed!

The girl was very happy, her friends sang her the Happy Birthday song…


31 responses to “Kylie turned 4 today

  1. Woww Amah, the princess cake very nice lerr. I’m sure the kids will love it too!! Btw, Happy Birthday Kylie!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kylie! *hugs*

  3. Happy Birthday, Kylie!!!

    Yes, Amah…..I saw the pink Kylie name after I strained my eyes and my eyeballs popped out one foot towards the computer screen 😛

  4. Happy Birthday Kylie! Almost missed her name there if you didn’t tell 😛

  5. I tot it was Medusa’s gown :D. Hey…you are good!

  6. yes, can see KYLIE but must strain eyes. The cake was very impressive but a bit too pretty to cut up Princess and eat her waist down 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Kylie! The cake look really nice ler…wouldn’t even suspect that it was a flop! :p

  8. Happy birthday Kylie…it seemed like yesterday aunty first saw u looking pretty in a headband at 3 mths old…and now ure such a big cute girl…u r sooooo lucky…mummy MADE u a barbie cake!!! Every girls dream cake! Aunty wish u to be happy, healthy & always love ur mummy, daddy and korkor…

  9. happy birthday Kylie!

  10. happy birthday Kylie!

  11. Happy Birthday Kylie! Your princess cake has a lovely grass skirt.

  12. the cake vy nice lehh

  13. YOu always make nice cakes! I was wondering at first where to cut the cake. lol

    Happy Burfday, Kylie!

  14. the princess cake very nice!! don’t worry 🙂
    Happy Birthday Kylie!

  15. oh what a lovely cake! it’s beautiful. yes, i can see kylie’s name there. you are so good at baking. i miss the oh-so soft breads 😉

  16. Wah! Damn creative man! Can thing of string skirt some more! Salute you.

  17. Happy Birthday Kylie..

  18. Looks okay what…

    Sorry. Didn’t strain my eyes to look for the name…

    Wah. TIme flies.. So fast 4 liow.

    Happy Birthday Kylie!!!

  19. hey…the princess cake still looked pretty….since u didn’t zoomed near, we can’t see the flaws, hahaha
    true, if kylie’s name is in a contrasting color, it’ll be perfect !! so i guess d real cake was hidden under the skirt?? u great lar….i know how tired in making this, clap clap !!

  20. btw, happy belated b’day to kylie :)P

  21. Happy Belated Birthday, Kylie! Claudia attend the same school as Kylie.

  22. Happy Birthday.. nice wut.. the cake.. like Hawain straw skirt.

  23. “Wow” at the cake!!! *impressed too*

    Happy Belated Birthday to Kylie.

  24. Happy belated Birthday, Kylie

  25. happy birthday cutie

  26. That’s a very creative Hawaiian skirt! I can see the name. Happy birthday Kylie and may God bless you with many, many more happy birthdays.
    BTW, also want to thank you Peggy for your kind contribution towards Baby C’s hospitalization bill.

  27. the princess cake looks nice! !! kylie must have been very proud of her princess cake!

  28. Eat already the whole class got laosai anot?

  29. auntieeee…i lurve your cake with the grass skirt….looooovvveee it la…can make for my birthday too?? i like the PINK colour too.

    from elli who loves your cake!!!

  30. Happy Belated 4th Birthday to your princess. You really put in a lot of effort. The cake looks nice, really! Pinky swear.

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