It’s  been a long time, this post has been in my draft like forever but I didn’t have enough time loading the photos…so here’ some updates on my cooking scenes…

A rare occasion, where the kids are helping out. We were peeling soya bean skin…

My latest craze now..baking bread…I must say…it’s pretty easy and I don’t think I will be buying bread anymore…

Lazy bento….wakakakakaka..not much imagination here…

mega messy one..suppose to have the sun n clouds n suddenly there’s a bear riding on top of a car!

I think I like it covered up liddis better…

My 1st attempt to make chicken nuggets as I was travelling and worried the maid couldn’t handle the food for Kieran’s lunch. Kept them frozen and all the maid had to do was just fry it on low fire to serve..

Looks ok but it has not much taste according to the kids… 😦 but with sause I guess it was ok..


13 responses to “Cooking/baking…

  1. Wah…your bread looks soft and yummy…

  2. Yala….can share your bread recipe ah? You’re really geng….working Mom still with so much time to spend in the kitchen!

  3. YES! I miss your soft bun and bread. Yummy!!!

  4. the bread looks so good…

  5. your bread looks very ‘kembang’, must be yummy, can you share a basic simple bread recipe ?

  6. Hey ask you.. what stand mixer do you have? I’m shopping for one.

    After that, want you to teach how to bake bread liao.

    You use pyrax to bake the bread ah?

  7. Wow, homemade bread!!! Yours look very soft 🙂 Will be trying it out one day!

  8. breadmaking easy meh? you use breadmaker .. which brand? i also wanna try leh …

  9. i am salivating….those fluffy buns of yours…mmmmmmmm.

  10. the wabbit kan? looks like kwa-jor-loe-chan.. dead. Kakakak.. the eyes so stim one?

  11. bread recipe to share?? I am very interested leh.

  12. nice yummy food and the bento looks interesting!

  13. wuah…..yr bread looks so fluffy wor, really that easy meh! never thot of trying but now got influence by u pulak….
    i tried the home-made nuggets too & yes, no taste…maybe we r kedekut with ‘garam’ & spice?

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