3 nights at Inzago, Italy

This was like my shortest, nope, the Bangalore trip was the shortest but for Europe, just 3 nights? Yes, can be the shortest overseas trip ever. Definitely not for holiday, it was a working trip with half a day of sight seeing and shopping squeezed in. My last trip to Milan was 2006 and of course the traffic was just as bad on the motorways and the roads out of the motorways are also as small as ever..but one thing is very familiar…TOLLS!

Upon reaching I was expecting some Italian hunk holding up my supplier’s name welcoming me but sorry he was not only an uncle, but a very short uncle with a big belly! He was driving very politely, so unlike the normal Italians who speed and curse on the road! We couldn’t communicate at all as he knows no English. It was a  silent and boring 1 hour drive.

My driver for 3 days..

Upon reaching the factory, I was indeed impressed as it was really big! The Marketing Manager came down to greet me and he was as handsome as ever despite being an uncle oso..hahahahhaa…I was served with some water and we started work immediately. I did catch some sleep on the flight so it was alright that we started work.

Lunch was good ol Italian pasta…yumz and of course a bonus was with a handsome guy eating with me…wakakakaka..I was being stared at as it’s quite rare to have someone Asian looking around that neighbourhood.

It’s so yummy…the cherry tomatoes tasted sooo good, so sweet…no wonder my kids spit out the ones we get from the supermarkets here…

After lunch it was back to work till about 5pm. The same guy who picked me up sent me to the hotel. It was a family run hotel beside a river, very peaceful surroundings, quite a pretty little room and very impressive bathroom! I was really tired & sleepy by then so I quickly had a quick shower and then whipped out my Korean Cup Noodles and went out to get some hot water. After the noodles, I was in la-la land…eventhough it was about 6.45 pm. Since I slept so early, I woke up early too! As usual, all channels are in Italian, even American sitcoms/movies are are translated to Italian! Rats! Just chilled in the room listening to my iPod and waited till breakfast.

Front of the hotel (I thought it’s more like a motel..)

River in front of the hotel, where the ducks quacked away waking me up…

…to be continued..


9 responses to “3 nights at Inzago, Italy

  1. wows. so nice. but sighs europe… super ex… hahaha.

  2. Lucky you, even if it’s for only 3 days. Quick, quick update.

  3. that’s so cool of you lar woman….alone there :)P
    faster, u haven’t enter the main point leh…hehe

  4. Eh, ur driver very senior citizen la, the other trip the guy was way hunkier…no fight! Woei, why no pic with the marketing manager??? can’t wait to see ur purchases…Milan wor!

  5. No nice… even uncle is your driver also still ok la.

    I’m looking forward to you showing your loot.. haha.. I can’t wait to see what you can get in 1 day. 😛

  6. hahahahha, everyone can’t wait to see your loot!!!

  7. alamak.. how come they send one driver that cannot talk english neh? Mai mUUN sei?

  8. Eh, you look super slim in this pics lah!

  9. Oh yalor, you lose hell lot of weight i see… looks smoking hot too!

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