You would’ve been 70 today….

if you were still alive….Oh Loe dau, we would have been celebrating your birthday with a big party today,…or maybe you would have been fishing since today is Sunday…Happy Birthday..wherever you are…I know you would be celebrating today humbly as you always did…

If you were alive, I can imagine..your grandchildren would have been ecstatic, gearing for the cake cutting session, fighting for the spot nearest to the cake all of them will be fighting to blow the candles and I can imagine you standing close by beaming from ear to ear…You definitely would be a great grandfather (of course, since you were a great dad), and naturally the kids would have loved you to bits..

If you were alive…I wonder, which cake will I bake for you today…hmmm…most probably a cheese cake since I remember you loved to eat ’em…I recall the day when I first baked a cheese cake and brought it to you in the office. You said these words…

“Did you keep some for your mother? You should you know, she’s the one with the money…I don’t have money and I don’t have properties…so make sure you bring some home for her…remember ah…”

You always say stuff like that even though I tried my best to be nice..but I know you never meant to be mean of course. I knew you really appreciated the stuff I made, even though it didn’t taste very good, you were always ready to criticise, saying it was so bad, the dog too didn’t even want to eat it..but I know you were proud of me…were you? I don’t recall how many times I have tried to poison feed you with the many things I baked/cooked, but I remember that you ALWAYS criticised…but I never took the criticism badly cos I know you loved me too much to hurt me..

If you were alive..

if you were alive….I would have hugged you, as I don’t think I have hugged you before…and also say this…

“Happy birthday my dear Loe Dau…I love you so much….”


12 responses to “You would’ve been 70 today….

  1. *hugs amah*

    Happy birthday to amah’s daddy…

  2. happy birthday to Laundry Ah Kung.

    this post is so touching *sobs* I believe your dad is enjoying his cheesecake in heaven now and telling the angels that his daughter’s cheesecake taste better 😉

  3. *sniffs*… i hope he read blogs in heaven and know how much you love and miss him ! *sniffs again*

  4. It’s such a touching post…and it reminds me to be even nicer to my dad…*hugs* yes, I’m sure your dad knows how much you miss and love him, i’m sure…

  5. Your Dad is STILL so proud of you, right up to this moment. You think he doesn’t know what you’re up to now ah? He is watching your every move, BEWARE!! But he is definitely proud of you and you know it.


  6. hou kam tung ahh….did u burn a piece of cheesecake for him :)P

  7. what a touching post. Go bake a cake in his memory…and enjoy it!

  8. I dedicate song to you. “daddy’s little girl”. Want me to sing? I can one arr.

    *grab mike and breasts and then hugz*

  9. that was really sweet your post. So funny what your dad used to say when you brought him cake … 🙂

  10. hug hug amah…this post is so touching.

  11. I have a feeling your “lou tou” is your blog follower in heaven…and he would have commented “I love you too my darling daughter and yes, I do miss your yummy cheesecake, as always”…

  12. You loudau very cute la……..
    Wherever your loudau is.. sure he’ll be very lum.

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