Inzago Day 2 & 3

The 2nd day started with practical training and it was indeed an eye opener for me after 10 years in the industry! It’s considered late despite the fact that I have been to 3 international laundry equipment exhibitions! So now you guys know what’s been happening in the past la..main main shopping saja….tsk tsk tsk…

Lunch was at the same place again for convenience since it was closest to the factory but this time it was with another guy. There were only 2 persons who could speak descent English in the factory…so he was the other guy…

Training continued and then my dinner with the marketing manager was postponed to the  next day so with my limited Italian I managed to ask the driver to take me to a supermarket. What did I say? I just smiled at him and said this, “emmm…aqua…errr..super mercato?…<grin>” Thank God he understood me! I tried looking frantically for my cartoon and cute pasta but couldn’t find any! So I went looking for my dinner, a salad and my water. I had another Korean cup noodle so that will be my dinner!

Day 3 was supposed to be casual. Met with the owner of the factory but he could not speak much English, so it was just small talk..haha. Then another supplier came to see me and passed me some spare parts. Then my very “reliable” driver took me to town to meet my shopping tour guide who was also the owner of the factory and she spoke better English..phew… (brother and sister business). However, my driver got lost despite having the GPS and we went round and round and numerous phone calls later, we finally found her.

We hopped on the train and off we went. The only place we had time to see was the Duomo of course. I went in the church the last time I came but didnt realise that we could go up to the roof! So off we went up the roof. The view was spectacular!

Then lunch was at this  open air restaurant on the 6th floor (I think) of the La Rinascente just next to the Duomo. We had the yummiest mozarella ever…

After lunch it was shopping time…and first stop was of course my favourite..Louis Vuitton!! I told myself nope I am not going to buy anything this trip…but but but…..then I saw this…my excuse was I don’t have a white bag…

It was within my so called budget so I got it la..I initially wanted another model with the same pattern but that one was a bit over my budget, so I had to give that a miss lerrr…

Then I had to get my sunglasses since I lost my Prada (the one I bought in my last Italian trip in 2008). This time I got a Chanel..a bit over my budget but what the heck!!

More of my purchases lormantik dinneer by the river in the next post…


15 responses to “Inzago Day 2 & 3

  1. *gulp*
    More expensive purchases.

    Why you didn’t take photo of the spectacular view for us?

  2. oh man…all these food is making me sooooo hungry 🙂 i better go get some food!!!

  3. I also didnt know can go up to the rooftop of the Duomo wor…
    U didnt take picture of the view from there?

  4. what’s a trip without shopping huh?

  5. wuah…..more LV….and i like yr chanel sunglasses, so gaya & elegant !! looking fwd to see more loots…. :)P

  6. i love shopping too! and many of times, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy something i love 🙂

  7. love ur chanel sunglasses! i think its nicer than the butterfly prada! is it reaalllly expensive ah?

    ya meh?? I actually liked my Prada more leh…sobsss…I miss it soooo much…sobsss…n yes the Chanel was more expensive than the Prada…

  8. Good buys! Hmm… you posted pix of food & purchases and not of the spectacular scenery……. very obvious where your priorities lie…… *_*

    hahaha..I have a lot of scenery photos la…but just didnt have enuf time to post only ma…

  9. Ha ha. I like the excuse u gave urself for indulging in the white bag! haha!

  10. Another LV. You’re such a LV fansi! I like the bling bling on the Chanel. Nice.

  11. if u ever replace ur prada butterfly, maybe can consider selling me ur chanel…hehe..although i was once tempted to buy the prada..
    just love the flower flower there on chanel wor… 🙂

  12. I like your excuse leh… I also dont have a white bag… hmmm.. I wonder whether I will buy a white bag soon 😉

  13. I knew it! I knew it! Even before I saw the pic, I had a hunch you were going to get another LV. Ha ha ha ha…

  14. Btw Amah, you lost weight kah? You look slimmer in the pic with the uncle wor..

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