Inzago Day 3 continued…

Ok la ok la…here’s a picture of the rooftop at the Duomo…I have a few more but too lazy to load la…

Dinner was back at Inzago, they had someone drive me back all the way from Milan. It was about an hour’s drive. The driver had 2 other passengers and all 3 of them don’t speak English. So can you imagine how I feel the whole journey..sienz…

Timing was just right, I had enough time to take a shower and get ready for my dinner date. Dinner was at this restaurant beside the river. The photo below is on the bridge near the restaurant. Behind me is a Villa with many many rooms…neh those rich rich mia people’s house with many rooms for relatives to come stay…

Below is the photo of the restaurant…partly on romantic hor…

We had a bottle of white wine…

The food was good, but again I’m too lazy to post all the photos…but I have to post this one..Tiramisu…tasted heavenly….

I am not too comfortable in sharing the photo of my dinner date, the marketing manager of my supplier (not so nice larr) to let you guys guessing la…middle aged Italian guy, tall, lean, sleek, greyish hair ala Richard Gere…..hmmmmm….(eh the waiters pun damn gaya looking!! wokay!)


10 responses to “Inzago Day 3 continued…

  1. ahhh..what a romantic Inzago is. hey, the tiramisu is really emmmm…eeemmm.

  2. Sigh….and here I was waiting to seewhat your lomantik dinner hunk looked like…..

  3. aiyo…why no picture to show la…let me “drool” a bit ma…hahahhahahhah

  4. wuah rihacrd gere hair wor.. sure lomatik

    that tiramisu dun look like the typical tiramisu. i tot its some marinated beef. haha

  5. the tiramisu got add alcohol one? sure nice..put mmore of ur shopping stuff la..wanna see ur bags..

  6. Nice scenery, bet it was even nicer with all the hunks around πŸ˜‰

  7. Sigh… Italy looks sooooooo good leh.

    I just noticed something in kl – all the ppl I see carrying the neverfull, never pull the side strap wan. Why ah??

    dunno leh…i prefer to pull the strap but sometimes after taking things then forget..a bit leceh la…

  8. Italians… can imagine.. *drooling*

  9. Walau! Travel again? You deserve the most travel mom on hte blog I guess. πŸ˜‰

    This time it’s the shopping heaven. How wonderful! I miss Italy so much. I told myself I will get back there again after I came back from the 1st trip years back.

    But, the 2nd time just has yet to come. 😦

  10. Eh.. so your hubby got jealous or not? Go lormantic dinner wor…

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