Sleeping beauty & Circus ring

A break from my Inzago…a little update on the kids..

Kylie has been away from school for over a week due to cough and cold. It was not that serious but I didnt want her to go to school to infect others. However, since it was the last day yesterday before the holidays, I sent her to school to collect her homework.

She was so eager to start doing her homework but I insisted that she finish her milk and go for a shower first. After the shower, she quickly took out her books (all in her own accord while I was  facebooking working..). She was doing halfway and then suddenly I looked up and saw this…











She was about to fall of the chair but I wanted to take the pic first…thank goodness she didn’t fall down..

You can see she started writing quite nicely on the first few lines and then you can see she’s falling asleep…

As for Kieran, he did ok for the exams, passed everything. He improved for BM which was quite an achievement. The tuition centre also bucked up after my screaming session. Why did I scream??

His tuition teachers (husband and wife) had to be away for 2 weeks to attend their son’s convocation in London and thus left the tuition class in her daughter’s care. For the first few days he didnt complete his home work. So one day, I went to pick him up instead of Apah. Upon walking up to the house, I could see kids running all over the place, a few boys jumping on the table and of course it was really noisy. I opened the door and shouted..

Me-Is this a circus? Huh??? What is happening here? (my eyes were surveying the whole room and didn’t see any adults supervising the kids)

All the kids scrambled into place and stood straight and didn’t move a muscle and then there was a young girl walking down the stairs.

Me-Are you in charge here? Are you supposed to be taking care of the kids? Why are they behaving like monkeys? This is absolutely shocking! What kind of a tuition class is this? Just because Madam *** is not here, you guys have transformed into a circus!

Girl-So sorry so sorry, I went upstairs for a while.

Me-Even if you walked up for a while, this cannot happen over a few minutes. (the kids were sweaty in an air-conditioned room ok!

Girl-so sorry..I will make sure this does not happen again..

Me-You better be! Kids! Make sure you guys sit down and do your work and not running around tomorrow as I will bring my cane and will personally whack you if I find you running around like today! Do you understand me?

The kids were still standing straight and nodded..

When the tuition teacher got back, I didn’t have an opportunity to complain to her and the she called me one day..

T-I need to threaten Kieran but he will not listen..bla bla bla(her usual complains about Kieran)

During the time she was talking, I could hear the background “music” just like that day when I found the “circus performance”.

Me-Excuse me Mdm ***, why is it SO NOISY? Aren’t the kids supposed to be doing their work now? No wonder I do not see any improvement in Kieran. How can you teach in such an environment? Sounds like a fish market!!

T-Oh no no..Kieran is inside the room, I am outside now..

Me-What? With the noise at this level, don’t tell me the kids inside the room can’t hear? Don’t be ridiculous ok. You better make sure I do not hear such noise next time. If not I will surely take Kieran out from your class.

Too much isn’t it? This tuition teacher really think she can pull a fast one, I know my Kieran is not an obedient student, but it was her job to make sure he obeys and studies. But she can’t even control the kids! All she does is complain and complain about Kieran. I have no choice at the moment as I can’t find another tuition teacher who can pick him up from school and then give tuition until Apah comes to pick him up after work. Sigh..Well she has since managed to control the class and Kieran did improve, and also managed to score 100% for the first time in Chinese spelling. So I will leave it as it is now…


17 responses to “Sleeping beauty & Circus ring

  1. kudos to you ! dun play play with you when they can’t even do their job right !

  2. wah u really give them a piece of ur mind kekke

  3. wow, good job! whatever that needs to be done or said – as long as it works! *hehe*

  4. Wah…I also felt scared after reading your post kekekekeke

  5. I can imagine you screaming your head off!!!!
    Eh…actually, no need to imagine. You were screaming your head off when you were telling me this the other day….hehehehhe

  6. Wah, so fierce, Amah! I so scared!!

  7. diff to find good tuition teachers nowadays. hope the tuition centre will improve!

  8. sean n scot were exactly the same as kylie after being absent fr school for 3 days….so kan cheong with their homework, i was shock too, haha…
    wuah…like that scold the teacher, u can still face her meh? the situation really sounds terrible & very irresponsible of the teacher …. hopefully u’ll find a better place for kieran 🙂

  9. hahahahhaa, AMAH! U’re so fierce!! Amah boleh!

  10. ‘Lo Foo Mmm Fatt Wai Tong Peng Mao’. I will freak out too if I were you. Else they take for granted. You did other kid’s parents a favour too.

  11. hehehehehhe…kylie is so cute lah…hardworking but sleepy.

    Good to give those people a piece of your mind 😀

  12. Wow… The tuition teacher must beware d. Luckily I am not the tuition teacher, aye? Hahahaha……

    By the way, relax leh. Got improvement mah. 😛

  13. Well scolded …. at least the tuition teacher will be more mindful now. Glad Kieran did do better all around.

    Kylie is so funny.

  14. Dont play play with Laundry Amah..hehehehe
    Poor Kylie..she must be very tired.. I am laughing at the practice writing ;p

  15. Heh! The screaming was worth it. See Kieran got 100% already. Scream a few more times and I’m sure the teachers will definitely buck up! Good for you….if me, I queitly take him out of class saja….ha ha ha

  16. nobody wants to mess with Laundry Amah..
    But how old is the daugther la?

  17. HAHAHAAHHA – “She was about to fall of the chair but I wanted to take the pic first…thank goodness she didn’t fall down..” HAHAHAHAH, a true Blogger!

    By the way, ur niece’s colleague here. Great blog u’ve got. I’m just skimming through. Ur kids are so cute =)

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