10 years has gone by so quickly..

Dear Loe Dau,

It’s been 10 years. I can’t believe this, but it’s 10 years now. I still miss you and still ask the same questions again and again. But on the other hand I am glad you are not here to see what has happened to us.

However, don’t worry too much, I’m trying or maybe not hard enough, but I am. I will try to keep the business running, with God’s help of course. I am not sure how long, but will do so at least until mom goes to meet you.

You have an additional grandchild and his name is Darren! He is the cutest baby ever! Serious, cutest among the rest and he looks exactly like your youngest son! He’s chubby and is a very happy baby and is very mild mannered, even his cries are gentle. I couldn’t believe my ears when mom actually commented that he looked like your older son! NO WAY ok!

Your other grandchildren are doing ok, they are growing well.

Love the place where your body was laid to rest, that morning we were there, it was peaceful, serene…made me wanting to book a place there too. Should I? However, I’m thinking of the “condo” lots instead of the “semi-ds” cos the price doubled in 10 years!

Anyway, till we meet again…..I will miss you still….


12 responses to “10 years has gone by so quickly..

  1. dear amah,

    your post is very touching and has a dash of humour too 🙂 Your dad is gone but not forgotten as he stays in your heart forever.

  2. You are a very loving daughter…I’m sure daddy’s very proud of u holding the fort to the biz he started. Condo just as good what…got full facilities wor…For sure daddy will watch over you and his beloved family 🙂

  3. such a filial daughter u are….for u never forgot to miss yr dad despite the clock clicking for 10yrs now. wuah…so fast think of buying a condo ‘there’ edi ahh 😀

  4. *sobs*… laundryahkung, ur daughter will keep being a tough cookie…

  5. May be he is already in your family. That’s what I believe. The person that we love dearly, our close relations will come back to our life again. 😛

    Even condo is so expensive now. I am thinking may be when I ……, I will let the water to bring my ashes to the heaven. Hehe…..

  6. I’m sure your dad can feel you…and he’ll know the endless effort you put in holding on the biz for him. *hugs*

  7. amah, you’re actually doing well, and i know your father is proud of having you as a daughter.

  8. Hi amah, time flies doesn’t it, but your love and memory for your dad keeps going strong. Take care old friend and keep up the humour!

  9. I think your dad will be so proud of you for standing strong and taking care of his biz….

  10. i’m sure ur dad choi tin chi leng resting in peace for u are taking care of his biz well 🙂

  11. yr dad must be very proud of you, take care

  12. your dad was a great father.
    i’m sure he’s very proud of you ,for continuing the business he started.Keep up the good work.

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