Of Kieran & Kylie…

Last week on the way to church..

It was long sleeve day..I love to see Kieran in long sleeve shirts, makes him look so smart & handsome…Apah complains that Kieran has more shirts than him, and the shirts even look better than his…OF COURSE la…Amah bought em!

As for Kylie, she’s beginning to show signs that she likes only pink…she likes everything in pink…(the shirt does have some pink thread sewed in front..can’t really see clearly in this pic though..Whenever we go clothes shopping, she will pick out items and asks me to buy, really fast! No price for guessing where she got this trait from….

After church we to eat at this coffee shop and we passed by this…

Obviously the occupants knew about the leak and they actually placed containers in a poor attempt to store the leaking water!! Since they took time to place the containers (which I don’t understand why cos how much can they store??) why  cant they just get the leak fixed with some gasket tapes?? Water may come by cheaply here but don’t they realise that they are wasting precious water that may not come by so easily in some parts of the world??? tsk tsk tsk..classic ignorance..

One day in the office….

Kylie gets real bored in the office. After watching DVDs for a while she gets restless and disturbs me and really drives me up the wall. One day I suggested she bring some toys down to play. She brought this cow soft toy and then started making swoosh swoosh sounds…Guess what was she doing??











She was milking the cow! Hey this beats the FB farming anytime right???

Yesterday we went shopping again…yes O-gain…since it’s school holiday today, we decided to go out for dinner. Kylie was very sleepy. Before she fell asleep we had this conversation..

Me-Since you are sleepy why don’t I drop you in Apoh’s house..

(she loves going to Apoh’s house, never fail to ask me every morning to take her there..)

Kylie-No, it’s dark edi (night time), Apoh wanna (wants to) sleep. So I dun wan (do not want) to go there..

If we were not on our way to the mall, she will definitely jump at the chance to go to Apoh’s house! But as expected, she fell asleep before we reached the mall. It took us about half an hour before getting a car park! While we were waiting for the elevator, she was fast asleep but we tried to wake her up and told her we were at the mall already. She woke up with her eyes opened so wide and she immediately jumped for joy! Tsk tsk tsk….see how she loves going to the mall….


12 responses to “Of Kieran & Kylie…

  1. kylie a potential shopaholic wannabe… hehehehe..

  2. oi farm town no milking cow wan leh?? hahhaha

  3. The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kylie is so cute.. all girls love pink. Love her pink booster seat too!

  4. hahahhaha…kieran looks like one of those HK superstar lah. kylie is into pink now? wow, she can shake hands with Ashley. Even marshmallows must be pink O.O

    milking the cow part is real funny. wonder where she learned that from. ahhh…amah..kylie is going to be just like..loving the mall very much!! 😀

  5. kylie definitely loves shopping as much as mummy! *hehe*

  6. Amah…Kylie has inherited your shopping genes!!! I am beginning to imagine both of u, hand in hand, shopping away at Starhill till the security guard shuts the gates ;p

  7. Wah! Kieran memang ada gaya and he looks like a ‘tai kor tai’ leh.

    Haiya, why no prize for guessing? Else, there’ll be a prize for everyone. Hahaha!

    Waiyo, Kylie knows how to milk a cow. Sure leant from watching Channel 613 eh?

  8. wow wow wow..look at Kieran so “yau yin” like saying “what’s up ?”

    I like the picture that Kylie milking the cow!! Look so cute!!!

  9. Like to go mall…..like YOU lor!!!!

  10. hahaha… just like you lo, shoppingamah… your shopping trait, very strong wo…

  11. i also like boy wearing WHITE long sleeve shirt….it makes Kieran look so the hansem lor, haha !!

  12. like mother like daugther?

    Apah should start letting you manage his wardrobe.

    Apah’s wardrobe?? No need to manage cos it’s pathetic! Just have to make sure the maid finish washing his first cos he has limited shirts & pants! hahaha

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