Coming Clean

This is the article which I have been waiting for so long…many thanks to Ms Sharmilla Ganesan from the Star who took time to listen to what I had to say.

To read the article please go to this link…


For your information the other guy (photo in the paper) featured in the article has got nothing to do with me and he is not owner of the laundry which was featured. He was advocating about some other system.


7 responses to “Coming Clean

  1. wow..why not your face in the photo??

    ya lorrr…y ah??? Me Chinese chinky looking so cannot be seen gua…

  2. For home user, got such machines ah?

    And why must put angmoh face there? What they say is better meh? They are cleverer than msians meh? Some of them don’t even know how to spell! πŸ˜›

    *got a bone to pick with angmohs today..*

    yeah so far I’ve sold to 2 homes….errr it’s whether u r willing to pay for it anot only..

    as to y my photo not there…refer to answer to Comment no.1

  3. aiya….why no yr leng-leng face geh?? i thot they shd have at least put up yours so as not to misled the readers ma…. πŸ™‚
    anyway, congrats on d feature!

    refer to answer to comment no.1.. 😦

  4. is that your ‘queen’ ?

    no no that one is my customer’s worker..hahaha i dare not let my queen appear in any photos!!

  5. Bravo! I was just asking a friend if she wanted me to dry-clean her daughter’s outfit that Tee borrowed since I remember you telling me about harmful chemicals in laundry, and she said no-no-no, she will steam clean it herself.

    ayooo…steam clean not enough leh…

  6. way to go peggy :). more biz to come πŸ˜‰

  7. You should insist they use your photo ma!!
    When is the article on your shopping bit publish? hehe

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