As I was waiting for Kylie to come out from her class, there were a few other mothers around. One mother turned to me suddenly and asked me if my girl can read all the alphabets. I thought only my girl couldn’t read all the alphabets. I have difficulty teaching her how to write her name also.

Then this mother said that the Fungates system is not good, only can hear her daughter making sounds of the alphabets like a mute girl! I didnt agree with her on that part. Learning to pronounce and make sounds from the alphabets is important but the child must also learn which alphabet sounds like wat la…I reckon the teacher didn’t do a good job in teaching but the other mother doesn’t agree. She kept insisting it was the Fungates system. I have seen many schools adopting this system but I reckon the school should not follow the syllabus so rigidly.

Now I am in a dilemma, whether to let her continue with this school or switch….how ah???


43 responses to “Fungates

  1. How old is Kylie? My son is almost 5 and so far he’s good with his alphabet and able to write his own name. I am quite satisfied with his progress since I registered him with this new place. Luckily, in this small town, I am still able to find a good place for him

  2. In a true Montessori system, the child is taught letter sounds and not letter names. The reason is that the child not only can read but also be able to spell and decode words so that the child can read independently and spell with ease in future.

    I suppose Fungate also apply this kind of phonics method.

  3. I agree with Elaine. That’s what Brae is taught in his school now – phonics. They are supposed to learn the letters sound instead of how to say the letters. This is how they prepare them on how to pronounce the whole words.

    I heard of Fungates and I never heard of negative comments about it. No worries lar, Kylie will learn eventually…just give her some time 🙂 .

  4. hmmmm….i am not sure what is this “fungate system”. 😛

    My boys write their homework twice a week so i “guess” my boys pick up the alphabets from there? Now both of them can write their own name and sometime when they read the book they spell the word for me and ask me how to read that word.

    Don’t worry la, i’m sure Kylie will pick up very soon.

  5. Aiyoh, I am intending to visit the open day this sat for a fungate kindy near my new house! Nevertheless, will still check it out.

    How old is Kylie? Bryan is 2.5 yrs old and can recognise and recite A-Z easily but he does not know how to spell or pronounce the phonics yet though.

    Does fungates got lots of christian elements in them?

  6. Each system has the strength n is the ability of the teacher to use the system and modify as required…

    this is my personal opinion as my mom has been in kindy industry for quite some time..she will usually modify accordingly…

  7. In my opinion, fungates has a very good learning system. Shern is also in a fungates school and he now can read and sound almost all the 3 letters words, even some 4 letters word, which really amazed me.

    No worries, give Kylie some time, she will pick up eventually.

  8. faythe is in fungates system too…from what i see she learns the sound as well as the actual alpha at the same time, cause sometimes she reads it as a sound, sometimes as the alphabet. I’ve not heard much complain bout fungates either, only thing I don’t quite like is the lack emphasis on mandarin.

    diff kid progress differently, don’t worry ya :).

  9. SP is also with Fungates. I think the phonics system is good. Once he mastered the phonics, he practically could read already. It just happened like that. Kylie will be reading in no time too…just give her some time to master the phonics first….by the way, I don’t think their Mandarin syllabus is that great tho’.

  10. jo was with Fungates before, actually he didn’t learn anything from there so i transferred him to Smart Reader after that. I am not sure whether was the Fungates problem or was my Jo’s problem, in fact i have been hearing a lot of positive comments about Fungates, so perhaps just my Jo was not suitable with their system.

    however, don’t worry, i believe Kylie will be reading in no time, it’s just a matter of time.

  11. W (he’s 5 this yr) learnt reading through phonics. And I have never heard him recite ABC like how we were taught (he doesn’t know the singing Ay-Bee-See-Dee song) and he was never taught in sequential order of the letters either.

    I personally think phonics is better because he can form the sound of the letters and read the words himself. Most 1-2 syllable words he can read.

    I was pleasantly surprised when he read the mail in the Wii message box this morning.. o.O

  12. When i saw the title of your post…..EDUCATION was certainly NOT what that came to my mind.
    First…was something to do with Fungus.
    Second..I thought something notti relating to F*#k


  13. All moms get concerned when their kids seem slow to pick up something others already can do well. Don’t worry. The kids will figure it out.

    My son went to an old style (not Montessori) kindy where they kinda taught phonics, but I teach both my kids the sing-song ABC ryme we all learned yonks ago, at home. My son is in Std 2 now and came out #39 in his standard of 400 pupils (Chinese school) and my girl, 4, (finally) can give me the sounds of letters. She will go to kindy next year. Cheers!

  14. I guess it is frustrating when you don’t see progress after so many months. I echo your thoughts. Learning the basic phonics is important – it goes a long way. In my boy’s school they teach both. Eg. They will say ‘A makes the sound of AH..AH.. )

    … in SG, kids start going to school at the age of 3. So the first year was mainly to learn the letter sound. By 4, they learn words blending.

    .. in KL, I think usually kids go to school at 4? One year to build up their phonics foundation is ok la. If by 5 still not much progress then I guess should raise an alarm.

  15. shan leo’s kindie uses the fungates system too. so far, he has no problem reading, etc…

  16. Maybe you should spend some time reading together with her??? Do some exercises to spur her curiosity and get her excited about learning. i often do that with Darrius.

    Each kid learns differently and they decode in their own way so sometimes we can’t really tell which system work best… we just got to try and try…

    Don’t worry too much, Kylie will come around real soon… 🙂

  17. Fungates seems to be a Malaysian-based franchise preschool programme. From your description, it sounds like they are using the phonics approach to teach children how to read.

    The phonics approach is VERY popular because the child can ‘read’ aloud beautifully from a young age from sounding out the letters of the alphabet. However, when you ask the child if he/she understands what’s read, chances are they’ll say NO 🙂

    As a former English teacher and reading advocate (LOL, sounds like I’m making a speech…), I suggest complementing the preschool’s sytem with letter and keyword recognition.

    Read aloud with your child using books with picture books and simple storylines. Encourage the regular way of recognizing letters as they are i.e. A, B, C, D not ah, buh, kuh, duh and picking up keywords by sight e.g. and, I, book.

    Popular books for keywords are Ladybird and Dr. Seuss. That way, your child will have a balanced approach towards reading i.e. reading aloud well and understanding what he/she reads 🙂

  18. I cant stop laughing at Nomadic Mom’s comment – LOL That woman ah? she has her head in the gutter!!

    Phonics is the best way for children 2 learn how 2 read d proper way. Have u got d Ants on the Apple CD? if u play that in d car, then Kylie will learn her phonics easily. Get books with 3 letter words so u can teach her d sounds C A T, for example.

  19. I don’t know about fungate, seems everybody is so pro-fungate. My kids don’t go to fungate kindy.
    They are doing well though. Zaria knows the name of all the alphabets and also the sound. That’s what the school taught them. The name of the alphabet is WHT, and this alphabet make the sound WHT. I teach Zara this way (at home) as well before when, she was in her previous kindy and didn’t really pick up much.

    What about numbers and all? Her overall development?

  20. hmm i dunno .. denisha is fr fungates but i transfered her out after half a year cos she’s quite a fast learner. somehow she gets confused with their reading. she’s doing great in montessori within a week in another school. so i suppose it depends on the kids. some could be better in other systems. darien joined his sis too in this current kindy and now he knows all alphabet sound and he’s already doing story books. i’m quite happy bout his development. no worries bout kylie .. time will tell. i’m sure korkor can help her too. 🙂

  21. I just have to add my 2 cents worth. Phonics approach is good to teach children to read. My youngest boy who is 5 – goes to a traditional kindergarten. Not a montesorri. He came home memorising what he read and appeared good in reading but when you actually point out the word, he can’t read it. So I sent him to a reading class. He only started to understand the concept of letter sounding by the third month and now (approx 6-9 months later) he is able to read simple short stories. He is even more fluent in reading then his older brother (differnet conginitve make up) – as he tends to memorise the words and becomes lazy to sound it out. The sounding helps with spelling. This you will notice with Kieren – as you mentioned previously that he struggled in his spelling in school. Again, I would recommend both – the child to read by word and also sound as depending on sound alone took my youngest a long time to gain the confidence. Believe me you will see the change in Kylie once she can read. Mine is a show off in reading 😀 But struggles with spelling as he is lazy to sound it out. So a combination of letter recognition and sound is a pre-requisite. Look at us (speaking for myself), I can’t read big words as we were taught in school to memorise words and not sounding……grrrrrrrrrr……

  22. I truely agree with flowsnow’s point of view. My daughter is with the Fungate System school since she was 18 months old. She can both sound and read very well.

  23. UCSI Child Development Centre uses an international proven curriculum for English – Jolly Phonics from the UK. Kids are taught the alphabet and the sound that is associated with the letter. This leads to recognition of sounds from letters. Later blending between letters is learnt. This should be the progression and eventually the kids will read.

    I am very happy with the curriculum at UCSI Child Development Centre. They have a native teacher from the UK teaching English there as well as Malaysians.

    Check it out.

  24. Hey, Is Fungate system religious in nature?

  25. My son is attending the fungates system in Metro Prima Kepong. I read from websites how good they are but this is not true at all. The principal is very important.If she cannot listen to parents woe, the teachers there too will close their ear to our child. The phonics taught like a memorize robots. The English teacher give a big cross if you write a phonics blend other than the books listed. She shouts QUIET AND SIT DOWN when my child politely ask the meaning of the phonics spelling words as few do have similiar sound but different spelling-eg: pale, pail and peel. How does he knows which? I repeatedly talked to the principal but she was too arrogant and deaf to listen.The English teacher is rude and spoke broken English. My son too have 5 days couldn’t write because the glue used at school causing both his hand cracked, swollen and red. I has a hard time claiming insurance. Whats the point sending your child to this school?

  26. hi there

    i’m actually torn between Q-Dees and Fungates. Any comments on the above?

    Many thanks

  27. Mark-nope, it’s not supposed to be. But it depends on which kindergarten you go to also..

    Wong-So sorry, I only saw your comment now..which I think will be too late…the current primary school is using KSSR system which uses the phonics method which is similar to Fungates system.

  28. Hi, I feel so confused with the fungates. Actually enrol my 2.5 years old son to a fungates kiddy because of all the positive comments I heard. But it turned out that my son dislikes the school and the teacher. Now he doesn’t want to go school anymore. From my observation (cause my son won’t let me go during class so I stay with him for a while till he settle down) the teacher and assistants are not friendly. They speak in serious tone and even scream at the children. Words that are used, sit properly, don’t scream, don’t run, shhh…., this is not circle, this is not what teacher want. All very negative. The name fungates but I don’t see the children having fun instead it is more like a traditional school class where the teacher talk, pupils listen and don’t talk. Maybe only the fungates kiddy in my area not good and others are better. Very disappointed. Hope the founder can monitor this.

  29. Mama, which fungates are you sending your kid to?

  30. Hi, I plan to change my son to Fungates but after reading mama comments, my confident level is drop. I also wonder which fungates that mama referring to.

  31. I still believe fungates system is good but we really need to check the teacher and principal. It is so pity because I kind of like the fungates system like no homework for 3 years old. Make sure you check and if possible talk to the respective teacher that will teach your kids.

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  34. Hi, I am first time mom, my daughter turning four next year, any pre school to recommend in Sri damansara or Kepong area?

    Also very very sad here because I have been sending my daughter since 2 to present (3.5) years old, she stil don’t recognize A-Z. Is it normal? School she attending is Montessori (the children discovery house). It is above average school where fees is around rm1800/month. Feel like throwing money into the sea until now she still don’t know how to read.

    Looking fwd for some comment..

  35. Fungates system is Good but please don’t go Fungates in bandar Sunway E-Ceria . The person in charges is Mr and Mrs Garan, The very rude to the children and slipping the children..It totally out of Fungates love system direction.
    I hope that the founder Charine China will see my message and please take control for the person who want to take this franchise, please don’t spoil the litter angle heart and future. Tqvm.

  36. Fungates system is Good but please don’t go Fungates in bandar Sunway E-Ceria . The person in charges is Mr and Mrs Garan, The very rude to the children and slipping the children..It totally out of Fungates love system direction.
    I hope that the founder Charine China will see my message and please take control for the person who want to take this franchise, please don’t spoil the litter angle heart and future. Tqvm.
    Need to mention, our parents is pay for children to kindy and learn not pay for school to hire children Mom n train them as a teachers, do you think they are qualify to teach????

  37. Is slapping not slipping. That very bad attitude, principle itself aldy have this kind of bad attitude how the teachers and children be Good.
    So please don’t go Fungates bandar Sunway E-Ceria.Tqvm

  38. Slapping? This is totally out of question and the kindy need to be shut down!! Wendy you must report this to Fungates HQ because this is very serious! This is their contact I have written an email before complaining about Kota Kemuning Fungates-3&4 years to the Fungates HQ but no reply at all till now. The HQ is too busy to care about making money than monitor their franchisee. Don’t take complain from mum lightly because it all true and sincere. We send our kids to be educated and have fun but it end out we send them to be torture. Malaysia system is bad, no authority monitor the kindy.

    • Mama! I hope others children don’t get hurt like my Son, slap on his face but already break little angle hope n future. Please don’t be a teacher if without unconditional n true love to the children.
      I hope Charine Chun can see our massage.

      • This is so sad. Whatever wrong your son did they shouldn’t slap him. He is just a little child. And also the preschool teacher is our child first teacher. We don’t want him to fear teacher for a lifetime. I agree the teacher who did this should resign so that other child wouldn’t get hurt. I am now very careful in searching for kiddy. Ask them for trial class and most important we must accompany our child to observe the teacher and environment. If you see any sign of teacher acting in unloving and rude manner better drop it. However some kiddy don’t allow parent to go in. I still headache which kiddy to go next.

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