Children activities..

My girl changes her status from time to time..she can be a sweet little vain princess and next a vicious fighter!

She came down with this flower clip on her hair one day…..

She stuck stickers on her fingernails (don’t know where she got this idea from…I hardly do my nails ok..)

A demure lace wearing girl…please don’t be fooled by this look….

Both are chefs in the making…

The latest toy from Ikea….

See…like a real induction cooker!! Like real!! So cool ya???

Next they were sword fighting with Apah’s old toys!!


15 responses to “Children activities..

  1. hahahahha..the kids are cute. I like the Ikea masak masak toys. How cool is that?

  2. The mini kitchen very shui leh! How much ah???

  3. Haha… kids will always be kids…

  4. Sometimes I run out of ideas to entertain the kids. Do you?

  5. at least kieran still entertains her with masak masak huh

  6. wuah…the kitchen toy fr ikea cool leh !! boys also interested with it kah??

  7. oh.. that latest toy from IKEA, cool… My girl has been telling me she wants a small kitchen. Thinking of getting her for Xmas pressie.

  8. cute kitchen! i am so done buying toys for the kids. My house is full of them!

  9. Cool set? Are you kidding me? It’s AWESOME! My boy would lurve to play masak-masak with your kids. The baby can wash the dishes with her saliva, hehe. Hope u dun mind, ya?

  10. i like the cooking tools!!!!

  11. HAHAHAHA…Kylie so cute with her car sticker finger nail art, i like it!!! She is very creative!!

    Eh, that mini kitchen from Ikea look cool lei! How much ya??

  12. Apah old toys????? wah..he is the type that dont like to throw old things away??? so many years jor..still can pakai..very good..

  13. Hey good huh..
    Kieren will accomodate her, and then her turn to accomodate him.

    sure the nails not copying you?

  14. wah papa still keep his old toys up to now .. that’s great. 🙂 kids are flexible in many ways. 🙂

  15. everything from ikea? including the cabinet and cook top??

    yes everything from ikea!

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