Beijing Day 1-Forbidden City

The main entrance to the Forbidden City from Tiannamen Square

The entrance itself already took my breath away but the only drawback was the “millions” of tourists getting in and out of that place! Seriously my photos do not do justice to the majestic architecture and beauty of this wondrous and amazing palace! However, I was like kinda put off with that giant poster of Mr Chairman M la. I know with all due respect this guy, he was somebody but the poster should be placed where he was laid to rest which was next door to FC la..

Entrance Tickets cost RMB 60 and that does not include entrance intoย  various parts of the FC but by just walking around the palace our legs were about to give way, ok maybe only my legs…but we did pay to enter one part where they kept the antiques and treasures..We also paid to get the virtual guide which I thought was pretty cool as the narrator will automatically explain about the location wherever you go to!! However, they charged RMB 40 for English and other languages whereas they charged only RMB 10 for Mandarin!!! NO FAIR!!!

I can imagine those enuchs & maids walking along this place….so lonely & eerie feeling….The walls are so high up and I doubt if any one was able to enter or escape to or from this place! From the history, all maids/eunuchs/concubines who enter the palace will never get to leave the palace….how sad…

One of the rooms used by the Empress/Concubine..forgot ledi…see the wood carvings…so beautiful hor…

There were quite a number of rooms that were opened for viewing only through glass windows. We could peep in and saw so many beautiful treasures and furniture and understand roughly how the imperial family used to live (also from the many Hong Kong TVB drarma series I have watched so far) . We knew for a fact that majority of the treasures in the palace were looted off but there were still a lot left back in the palace! Can you imagine how much they had!

One of the many many halls that the King uses to meet up with officials etc..

There’s just too much to see despite many areas being closed to public. We simply couldn’t finish walking around the palace grounds.ย  I want to visit this place again but I must read up more on the history in order to fully appreciate the visit.

The toilets were commendable too, with toilet paper and hand dryer that works and there was a lady there constantly mopping and cleaning up. So I was very pleased and there were sitting toilets too!! For a start of my tour, this was really good!


12 responses to “Beijing Day 1-Forbidden City

  1. rmb40? haha…because they know all english spoken people are rich people

  2. An eye opener indeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I’ve never stepped foot in the FC. Hubs says I need to read up on the history first before he brings me there. haha. Happy to hear the Loo was up to std…that is important for me! hehe.

  4. yea you’re right..the millions of tourist at the forbidden city can be overwhelming but luckily the grounds are huge…so only the entrances and exits are crowded. the weather was good right? at least you didnt have to walk in the heat yea ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Can’t imagine how vast and imposing it is.

    I laughed to see you devoting a paragraph to the toilet. Very good travelogue!

  6. I always knew Beijing was a lovely place but no chance to go there yet. Need to ask hubby to take care of the brat while i find time to go with my mom ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. When we went abt 10 years ago, the palace looked tired and worn. Did they spruce it up before the Olympics?

    But yeah, the feeling was quite melancholic as we viewed the different rooms in various courtyards. I could imagine the concubines lazing on the wooden daybeds being served by maids and eunuchs.

    And I was very impressed with the architecture as well as the acoustics of certain structures. It would be lovely to visit during low season with minimal people (not possible, I know) and just slowly stroll along and imagine the past.

    On a brighter note, I loved the food in Beijing! I could be a vegetarian there – the vegetable dishes were so delicious!

  8. i wonder when i can go to beijing

  9. nvr been to beijing .. tot sud go or not since my whole family also dunno chinese. sure kena rip-off. sad sad.

  10. hey you didnt buy anything from Beijing? No loot?

  11. Pst.. you didn’t try the ‘wear the costume and take photo’ session?

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