Beijing Day 2-Summer Palace New & Old

We had a good breakfast, really maxed out on the pork bacons…sooooo yummy!! The breakfast spread was pretty good despite it being a tourist class hotel. We ate to our hearts content, or rather it was just me eating away…

We bought some buns from a bakery next to the hotel. I noticed the pricing was not cheap at all, about like Bread Story prices but the quality is like the neighbourhood bakery type!

Off we went to New Summer Palace. We took the subway there but we did not notice any signboards or directions that leads to the Summer Palace. In fact, there was an entrance/exit to the Summer Palace which was just a stone throw’s away from the subway station, which we realised only when we came out from the Palace!! Since we didnt know about that entrance, we were “conned” to take a cab to the main entrance (East Palace Gate) which cost us RMB10 (minimum charge on the meter). No wonder the cab driver pulled a long & black face as the distance was really a short drive! But in actual fact he could have just directed us to the back entrance!

Again there were a few prices on the tickets, since we were not sure which areas we could cover, we bought the basic entrance tickets which was RMB30 each.

Not far from the entrance was the main hall, something like the ones at the Forbidden City where the emperor/Empress Dowager meet with officials for administration matters. Not too far away is the lake. The scenery was simply breathtaking but however, the weather was too kind to us, it was misty and the photos didn’t turn out too good. Ok, probably due to skill also…

Just like the Forbidden City, this place was also swarmed with tourists, mainly local tourists…I would occasionally hang around some tour groups just to eavesdrop on what the tour guide is saying…

We walked along the halls and then the long corridor…wanted to get a descent pix but it was impossible with the throngs of tourists walking up & down…

We climbed up to the temple and it was really tiring. I really cannot imagine doing this during summer!! Thank goodness it was cooling..We had to pay an additional amount to enter the temple, we decided to go in as it was the peak and the view was great.

Up & up & up….*pant…. pant*

Glimpse of the temple halfway up…*pant…pant…thinking of the servants carrying up the Emperor/Empress up…

bumped into it along the way and wanted to take a pix of him but he was running away…*tourist…Roll eyes*

We relaxed and took pictures of course. We really took our time and it was really relaxing. I don’t think I like going on a tour, rushing here and there.

We descended from the temple to the other entrance which was close to the subway (where we arrived). Before exiting, there was a place which the Kangxi or the Qianlong Emperor built which resembled the markets along the river at Suzhou. The market was meant to entertain the people and imperial family while they are confined live in the palace.

Imitation Suzhou market at the Summer Palace

We asked the staff at the exit how to get to the old Summer Palace which was the Yuanmingyuan Gardens. We were told to take a bus. The bus conductor was friendly and advised us where to stop and it was also right in front of the entrance! Next post on Yuanmingyuan…


7 responses to “Beijing Day 2-Summer Palace New & Old

  1. wow entrance fees also quite expensive ah. the flight of stairs really look extremely tiring. that’s why ppl dun gain weight during holidays cos they haf to do lots of workout fr walking and climbing. so since i wan to lose weight i’d better do more adventurous touring. 🙂

  2. Wah….the weather looks perfect for touring eh?

  3. wah you actually climbed up to the temple ? I was too lazy… 🙂 luckily the weather was good yea…

  4. You sure look good in these pics!

  5. Pork bacon? I thought you don’t eat pork???

  6. wah got new and old summer palace….didn’t know that

  7. all your poses ah, like you are some tai ming sing like that.. so terror merror one.
    (your hubs also good photographer la).

    I went to summer palace early 2003. Remember the pond was frozen stiff. Can walk on it.

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